Jane Fonda

From: "nu-monet v6.0" <nothing@succeeds.com>
Date: Wed, Feb 11, 2004

My opinions are set in concrete, along
with those of a lot of veterans.

Liberals, filled with forgiveness for one
of their own, can talk endlessly about how
Jane and her ilk and Vietnam protesters
were "really" being patriotic.

It doesn't matter. Jane should still be
put in front of a firing squad and shot
as a traitor.

Not hanging. Hanging is for Nazis and
Communists. Not the electric chair or
the gas chamber. They are for serial
killers and hitmen. Lethal injections
are some weird-ass thing for those who
think they are liberal but like to kill
others in as dehumanizing and PC a way
as possible because it excites them.

Firing squad it is. On a cold, grey,
overcast winter morning. Tied to a
pole and with a blindfold.

John Kerry can put on her blindfold.

Jane Fonda
American - Traitor - Bitch

"Getting shot at was not that bad,
just the getting shot part sucked"
-- U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Villafane


From: Robert McCallum < who@cares.com>

Jane is a hero.


From: "nu-monet v6.0" <nothing@succeeds.com>

A hero to the Communists who rule Vietnam.

Probably to the North Koreans, too.

Now that she has "found Jesus", I wonder
if she prays in revolutionary dialectic?


From: Shining Path of Least Resistance <shinpath@osb.att.ne.jp>

Man, I can see where this is heading....


From: "iDRMRSR" <idrmrsr@subgenius.com>

What we need for her is to resurrect that Jennie 5000 woman processing



From: Shining Path of Least Resistance <shinpath@osb.att.ne.jp>

"nu-monet v6.0" <nothing@succeeds.com> wrote:
>It doesn't matter. Jane should still be
>put in front of a firing squad and shot
>as a traitor.

Isn't it enough that she is a tired Ted Turner
cast-off muddled by jesus freakism? Kerry
kept his distance from her even then so
dragging this up again is pretty useless.

Nu Monet, I think it's great when (former) far-left
SubGenii and (still)far-right SubGenii get together.
on alt.slack and have it out about the old days.

You smokem 'frop peace pipe?


From: Joe Cosby <joecosby@SPAMBLOCKmindspring.com>

I can forgive Jane Fonda for selling out her country and aiding the
enemy in a time of war purely in support of some hare-brained trendy
poorly-thought-out pseudo-radical politics.

I can forgive her for being the direct cause of the deaths of brave

I can forgive her for being sucked in by the communists and being just
simply too stupid to recognize that she was being snowed.

I can forgive her for pissing on any real values in her politics, and
as such being a traitor not only to her country, but to the human race
as a whole.

I cannot, however, forgive her for "The Electric Horseman".

For that, she should be burned alive slowly while strapped down.

Joe Cosby

"I'd rather have the right people laughing AT me than have the wrong people
laughing WITH me."
- J.R. "Bob" Dobbs

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