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From: (HellPopeHuey)
Date: Wed, Sep 24, 2003

Babboonery, noun: The practice of showing your ass before there was
either a sufficient annoyance calling for an expression of contempt or
a need for a show of submission.
A cousin of, but not directly related to chimpery, wherein a larger
group screams and thrashes around as part of a community activity,
such as football fannage or just plain throwback raving because all of
the other chimps were doing it and who am I to buck a trend-ERS.

Encrudulation, noun: the process whereby Them dump needless burdens
on you, esp. psychic ones, until they develop a crust, causing you to
lurch around like one of the Mole People and begin considering your
stapler as a possible weapon. Tip: if it is a really large one, you
COULD knock them cold with one blow, but if you fold it open and use
it as a flail that leaves a new staple embedded in their DAMNED ROTTEN
FLESH WITH EVERY STRIKE, the relief factor is multiplied to a high
degree. Also has a corollary relating to decadence proper, in which an
entire project or system is degraded by consensus behavior, i.e.,
introduction of a diverting element of little to no substance or boy
bands vs. actual music created sans some soulless Svengali who tries
to sell women their own ovaries.

Crapulism, noun: The process whereby a thing that had some inherent
budding merit is driven down in quality by low-quality intermediaries,
inadvisable practices or a willful effort launched in a bid to keep a
lesser being from appearing to be outclassed, whether true or not.
Also relates to the promotion of that which had diddly-squat going for
it in the first place, such as the 70s rock band Angel or George Bush
Jr.'s prosecution of military action against a soverign nation whose
implied threat was actually vaporware.

Hydroinfusulation, verb: Your boss is such a grinding tool, you wait
until he is gone for lunch, then urinate in his personal coffee pot.
He's such a mega-dumbass, he keeps drinking from it and bitching about
the "lousy cup of coffee" you make. After 30 days, an office pool
develops in the hopes that uremic poisoning will eventually get him
out of the way for a few days, at least.

Schizospleeniatrics, noun: You are not really crazy in the usual
sense, but someone behaves like such a butthead, you lose your cool
and vent on them as if you had lost that proverbial last nerve.
Sometimes you HAVE and it takes some time to grow back. Anyway, you
were behaving reasonably well until they started up with that crap, so
they deserved it. Can be practiced effectively or ineffectively, but
always involves gusto.


HellPope Huey
Founder of the Burning Ass Festival

"Jehovah the bearded and angry god,
gave his worshipers the supreme example of ideal laziness;
after six days of work, he rests for all eternity."
-Paul Lafargue, "The Right to be Lazy"

Everybody loves the monkey butter
- "The Daily Show"

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