The Conspiracy messaging to itself in Technical Jargon (a.k.a (47(The RANT)

From: Selfs Layer <SelfsLayer@spam-me-not-autobot.cod>
Date: Sat, Mar 6, 2004

I dare you to read through the sixth sentence. I'm probably already on
their lists. Just a lone gunman shooting in the dark. Just wanting to
know something, to make a choice. And then, smashed out of my brains
on Frop, I come to one of Their Choices... And being dumb at all (What
a SubGenius, let's here it for him!), I say know! (or is that No? I
can't remember what with my brains melting and all in the Oven of
Knowledge, but what the hey? Who said anything mattered?) But that's
probably out there, too, saying "Look at him! Look at him! Probing
into our database of Soul Code! Get him before he makes off into the
Real World with something They might use against him! And then what
would happen? They'd probably come barging through my door, guns
blazing, bazookas blowing Towelie off the rack of my SubConscious,
drifting barrels of lead against me, flying for the first time in my
life, waiting to hit the bottom.) And then waking up and saying, "Am I
ready? To sit for 8 hours in a closet thinking about sex? SEX?) But
probably not... That was probably just yesterday, wiggling around in
my memory of how bored I can get at Home, dreaming of maybe existing)
if I get around to it, that is, if I actually ever GET OFF MY SLACK!!!
AND ASS OFF!!!!!!!!!) or maybe not, but that's something i guess i'm
gonna have to find out about now, when all is done and everyone is
dead! Can I hear Gaia calling out "I'm lonely! Is there anyone there
to hear?" when we go blazing off into the sky, rockets blazing behind
us, like an immature devil trying to FART on God?) Nahhhh, it was
probably just a dream again... But you know this Frop! It'll come back
to haunt you)... or is that to Hunt you? it's never quite sure with
this Stuff. Hey you! Are you out there somewhere? If not, why don't
you echo back? Are you SubGenius TOO-TOo-Too-tOo-toO-toO-too?)
Selfs Layer

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