It's OK if you don't believe in GOD but............

From: "nu-monet v7.0" <>
Date: Thu, Jul 22, 2004

Desdinova wrote:
> Try George H. Smith's book "Atheism: The Case
> Against God". He cogently demonstrates that gods
> are an impossibility.

He should date one before he says that.

But I suppose that "gods" depends on your definition
of the word.

Could you call Spider-man a "god"? Or is he more a
"god-like being", or the P.C. "god-like enabled
arachnidally mutant-ably-endowed person"?

Much of the problem is semantic-philosophical. If
*people* define what a god is, then it isn't a god.
If a god(s) define what they are, *and* what people
are in relation to them, the gods, then they *are*
gods. (And this goes back way before Descartes.)

In other words, a *real* god doesn't care what you
think, it defines itself. If it throws a lightning
bolt at you, you *can* say that you were hit by a
lightning bolt, and no god was involved. And *it*
can say it threw a lightning bolt at you. In either
case, your hair is parted and your shoes are smoking.

Now, if the god can *force* you to accept its version
of things, well, damn, it *is* a god. You have to
agree, because you have no choice in the definition.

So what good is a god that doesn't kick your ass?

Not much. It is just silly to assume that gods or
God plays some game like "I'll convince you that I'm
not really here, even though I am here, just to see
if you will believe I'm here, even thought there is
no evidence that I am here" dumbass game of hide and

So there is only one choice left. Pretend that you
*do* define reality, and play by those rules, taking
responsibility for your decisions; or act like a
neurotic child, and be willing to surrender credit
for everything good that happens just so you can blame
the invisible monsters for it when something bad happens.

The only difference is that the responsibility takers
actually may accomplish something with their lives.

Rev. nu-monet
Founder and High Priest
Church of Kali, U.S.A. (Reformed)

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