Remember Peter Popoff?

From: (Modemac)
Date: Mon, Jul 26, 2004 1:57 PM

The famous so-called "faith healer" who was exposed on national TV in
the eighties by renowned skeptics James Randi and Johnny Carson (also
one of the main subjects of Randi's book "The Faith Healers"). It
seems that ol' Peter Popoff is still around and still preachingSand
what's more, his PR people have been scooping up Web domain names left
and right to spam his name across the Web. A Google search for "Peter
Popoff" gives us: (note the two dashes!)

Fortunately, after you look down below these redirecting domains, you
get lots of interesting information about Mr. Popoff that he probably
doesn't want you to know.


From: "EllisDee" <>

Legume spoofs Popoff:


Subject: Re: Remember Peter Popoff?
From: "Callipygian Nullifidian" <>
Newsgroups: alt.slack,sci.skeptic
Date: Tue, Jul 27, 2004 9:22 AM
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"EllisDee" <> wrote in message
: Legume spoofs Popoff:

That's fucking hilarious! The bible swiping bit was perfect!


From: Father Haskell <>

Faith healing scam, was it? Exposed by Randi, dressed in drag, parked
in a wheelchair?


From: nenslo <>

Actually, Randi in drag and wheelchair was a different scandal entirely.


From: "R Cristwell" <>

Ole Robert Tilton is back too, shearing suckas for $$$.
Know what I say? More power to em. Suck the pinks
for every $$ they have and their comedic TV antics provide
us with much amusement. My only question is doe he still
employ that wireless microphone earpiece gadget which
Randi and Carson exposed..? It would be fun to set up
outside a Popoff Crusade in the parking lot with a scanner
and a modified VHF ham radio transmitter! Find his freq
and then jam him with comments an music!


From: (John Vreeland)

Steve Martin did a wonderful little send-up of this genre of huckster
in _Leap of Faith_. It's a good intoduction to the science of cold
reading and sucker farming.

Jack V


From: wbarwell <>

Not only is Poopoff back, but here in Houston, Saturday's, he is
on TV with his new church. He's back in business again.
and buying time on TV. Disgusting that frauds like him seem almost
impossible to put out of bizness.


From: "Callipygian Nullifidian" <>

"R Cristwell" <> wrote in message
: Ole Robert Tilton is back too, shearing suckas for $$$.
: Know what I say? More power to em. Suck the pinks
: for every $$ they have and their comedic TV antics provide
: us with much amusement.

So it's ok with you if dingleberry swipes all of your grandmother's


From: "Rev. Ivan Stang" <>

Dingleberry isn't stealing anything from anybody. The grannies of the
world are freely giving Dingleberry money for telling them exactly what
they want to hear. You're probably not that different from Granny
yourself. You might want to pay some musical group to sing what you
want to hear. Granny pays Reverend Dingleberry to say what she wants to

Those televangelists, if you think about it, are spending the money
more wisely than did Granny. Granny spent it on the vanity of being
told an Invisible Man in the Sky is taking care of business, whereas
the televangelists spend it on practical things like hookers, liquor,
yachts etc. At least the money is kept circulating. I can see how a
person would be miffed at Granny for foolishly giving away to a bunch
of charlatan preachers the family fortune that one might otherwise have
inherited, but hey, all that means is that Granny liked what the
preachers were telling her more than she liked what family members were
telling her. But you can hardly blame the lying, conniving, fraudulent
televangelists. They are doing exactly what people are gladly paying
them to do. They're providing a psychological service to dumbasses, the
deeply ignorant, and the truly desperate.

You shouldn't blame some distant televangelist for keeping one of your
family members ignorant or desperate. Besides, Granny is probably
pretty sure that YOU are the one who's ignorant, since you don't
believe in the healing power of a Chosen Prophet like, say, Bob Tilton
or Peter Popoff.

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