The church of SousGenie

From: Mr. F. Le Mur <>
Date: Sun, May 18, 2003

A message of public interest on The church of SousGenie

America makes today vis-a-vis a serious threat.

A threat which the majority of people take for a dirty trick.

At the present time, you probably already intended to speak
about the church of SousGenie. They seem not to have any problem
to draw the attention of the media. Like me, when you intended
to speak about their beliefs and practical odd, you laughed by
thinking that it was about a fanatic parody of worship.

So only it was the case!

The church of SousGenie is a true worship which seeks to trans-
form you and your family in ZOMBIES with the feverish glance
who unceasingly stress the same strange dogmas for the glory of
their gourou to the glance mocker, J.R. "Bob" Dobbs.

During last years, thanks to a Machiavelic and systematic
propaganda, this supposedly "world religion" recruited members
at a speed exceeding even the most orthodox religions. The
church savagely hiding place any information on its members,
it is thus difficult to obtain precise statistics, but one can
without fear estimate their number at 500 000 at the beginning
of this year.

The church literally publishes tons of a literature explaining in
details the pernicious convictions of Dobbs and its [illegible] to
many "Bobbies" which dedicate then days, weeks, even of the years to
its distribution. These publications, strewn with vulgarities "in
vogue", written in a prose flourishing the made-to-order of the
American comics and intended to attract the naive or solitary people,
make the promotion of the twisted values of Dobbs. They abound in
contradictions and incredible claims such as fortune, capacity,
glory, sex and even a beautiful appearance instantaneously.

Do not fall under their charm!

They believe that any sizeable social tradition belongs to sempiternal
"conspiracy" which seeks to remove their anormality. Moreover, they
claim that this "conspiracy" deprives people of their SLACK. The SLACK
is the goal of each SousGenie, but it is obviously never described nor
definite. The world has the responsibility to ensure the subsistence
of SousGenie and "Bob" says to them to fight for this right. They call
this philosophy the path of the least effort and claim that while
following it, one can obtain this legendary something for nothing.
Boasting, they will say "become rich as us" while shouting "too is
not sufficient!" what makes it possible to explain their attraction
near desperate and of the poor.

Although they claim to be new, it is only one recrudescence of a
multitude of religions, philosophies, theosophies and other mysteries
mixed in an unimaginable there combination (add some films of horror
to make good impression). Indeed, SousGenies claim to believe in ALL.
It results from it a kind of mega-gnosticism weak which makes them
inapt for the most elementary tasks.

One teaches them that "the more that has the stupid air, plus that
must be significant." Any consideration of good taste is sacrificed to
this ideal by the followers of Dobbs who do not read any more that bad
paperbacks, look at bad films and listen to a cacophonous music nearer
to the noise.

Dobbs claims to be the alive incarnation of the SLACK ON GROUND. It
is well far from the usual Master "perfect," which pushes its
followers to imitate its imperfections and its defects, and not his
talents. Most alarming in all that, it is that SousGenies do not accept
any responsibility for their acts. They believe that all that it make
is issued by WOTAN, one "to be" ultra-powerful that they describe
evasively. All that they say or make is denied always later like
illusion. Their morals and their beliefs change with the liking of
their mood but if you deviate from the path of Dobbs, you severely
are punished, even tortured, according to the rules of the moment.
There is an eternal ambivalence as for the differences between good
and badly in all their lesson "There are a good 'Bob' and a bad 'Bob',"
here is their response to any form of criticism "We are after only
vehiclesrobotized for our ADN," sermon "Bob."

"Doctors" and Dobbstown

J.R. "Bob" Dobbs attracts its followers like the flame of a candle
the mites with about the same result. The followers coldly ordered,
once removed from their money, are encouraged to travel as far as
Malaysia where a camping directed by the church of the morbid name
of Dobbstown is, in the honor of a good friend of Dobbs, Jim Jones,
of sad famous. Subjected to an enormous psychological stress, the
[illegible] recruits are seen cut their friends, their families
and external world. SousGenies use resulting confusion to obnubilate
the thought of the beginners and to cause their religious conversion.
The isolated pilgrims are subjected to odd initiations and receive
new names, new families and new addition to undergoing
several surgical operations like the Development of the memory, the
skirting of the personality and the Opening of the third nostril.
These operations are carried out by "Doctors" certified by the church,
it goes without saying. Useless to specify that the least [illegible]
of the operative monk so that a promising student is irremediably
tiny room into simple sweeping of street. Certain treatments less
"dangerous" like Acuraclee, Pyroflatulence and it "Sexedouleur" are
not less permanent. There is always risk of physical injury real and
long-term, the treatments can involve pathological symptoms similar
to the schizophrenia obtained by medication.

The bigwigs of the church pass to [illegible] while being prided
that "contrary to the other religions which preach the love very as
a practitioner hatred, SousGenies, they, are not so hypocritical."
There is always that of truth! Indeed, they preach ONLY hatred!!
HATRED TOWARDS ANY THING!! Except other SousGenies, it goes without
saying. All the others are for them are normal, that is to say pink,
or mediocretins, all the puppets from which the Conspiracy draws the
strings. This last A the wretched one "Anti-Bob" at its head
(obviously!) and any person implied is denounced like Faux Profit,
according to the jargon of the church.

It is their excuse there to encourage dislocated patriotism, vandalism,
and disobedience towards any form or appears of authority. They say
that no engagement binds them to unspecified human government without
however scorning any form of subsidy of the known as governments,
undoubtedly too human. It is the [illegible] worse aspects of wild

That which is prided to be a supervendor adores to keep its followers
in the most total confusion: one must believe in all, of Marx with Nixon,
of the Bible with Spiderman, while being made say that all these ideas
are only LIES of the Conspiracy. It even happened that the church
disseminates false anti-SousGenie propaganda to only poke the curiosity
of the public. SousGenies adore sometimes the complete Pantheon of
extraterrestrial and demons woven in a complex mythology although flexible
including creatures of the hell-Nazi left right of the center the ground,
as Jesus (who according to them is a detective of space having covered
a human appearance with the galactic banking concern to uncover another
inept god, Jehovah-1, which is opposed to X-istes degraded with
Yacatisma... and so on. The majority of these silly things are invented
with the inspiration of the moment. These doctrines blasphematory are
if revolting that with premium access, no matter who of healthy of spirit
sees only one dirty trick there. After all, their first currency is
equivalent saying "that they go to the devil if they do not have
the direction of humour!" They describe these beliefs like STUPERSTITION.
It is there an exact term for a dangerous trickery. DO NOT WAIT TO LEARN

These apocalyptic charlatans adore to spread the fear and paranoia in
connection with the nuclear war, world pollution, economic cataclysms -
in short, all the disasters of which they could think. They claim that
our national leaders are as insane as them but that SousGenies are the
only ones with being able to hope to have the good optics of the problem.
They want to reorganize the human existence without however never
mentioning how would be this new order .

It is at the time where he was a salesman of aluminum panels in Florida
that J.R. "Bob" Dobbs had its idea. As it was always found involved
in debt, his/her friend L. Ron H. encouraged it to found his own religion.
As Ron said it itself, "Dobbs, they have beautiful being pinks, their
money is green." Founded in 1956, the church was spread like bad grass
and holds today of tens of million captive followers in his wake. Under
its cover of shelters tax, the foundation of SousGenies, the church has
quantity of properties everywhere in the world while exerting a secret
influence on almost all the governments, armies or services of police
force, and this on a planetary scale. The fact that the majority among
us never intended to speak about this infernal worship or its Holy Father
of the salesmen, J.R. "Bob" Dobbs testifies to success that knows the
church. The only means of eradicating this threat consists to expose
it to the pitiless light of the Truth!

Ivan Stang

It is not too late to stop their insidious plans.

I believe that it is of my duty to release those which were mislaid
insidious tentacles of this diabolic sect. My plan consists in bringing
back the existence of this evil to all the decision makers of the nation:
legislators, senators, ministers, even [illegible]. I will bring the
evidence to the ministries, to the mayors, the televised networks,
and all the large newspapers.

Nevertheless, my friends, this project aiming to "To awake [illegible]"
will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, this is why I ask the
honest citizens like you to help myself by sending a contribution
symbolic system to me to help me to alert the population of this
danger which undermines the morality of our families and our children.
I will not arrive there without your assistance!

Send only one dollar (US) to receive the case LET US STOP WITH "BOB,"
or twenty dollars to assemble the complete STOP DOBBS. My address is:
"S.O.B.", P.O.Box 140306, Dallas, Texas 75214.

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