From: "HdMrs. Salacia the Overseer" <SeventhSqueal@SlowOnTheUptake.edu>
Date: Mon, Apr 12, 2004

"the Hindmost" <death@hell.org> wrote in message
> "HdMrs. Salacia the Overseer" <SeventhSqueal@SlowOnTheUptake.edu> wrote:
> >"the Hindmost" <dead@dead.org> wrote:
> >> nenslo <nenslo@yahoox.com> wrote:
> >>
> >>
> >> It looks intriguing... how the hell does it work?
> >> I can't figure it out from the picture.
> >
> >You stick your finger into the can of putty, it forms an air seal around
> >your finger, and when you pull your finger out the putty farts.
> Thanks for the technical details. Enquiring minds just HAD to know...
> Am sorta vaguely curious what eureka moment caused this great
> invention to come into existence... But that, we'll probably never
> know...
> yuk yuk yuk...

Imagine, if you will, a lonely male novelties inventor in the basement lab
on a Saturday night. He's horny. He's got this stuff that he's developed for
a new kind of super putty gag and he sheepishly pours out some into a bucket
and lets it gel and makes love to it! But! On every backstroke there is this
moodkilling fart noise that concerns his elderly Mom enough that she comes
looking for the source of the strange flatulence noises. Eureka indeed!

This would be a great X-day spectator sporting event. IMHO.


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