My place in mathematical history....

From: Mr. F. Le Mur <>
Date: Sun, Sep 21, 2003

the Hindmost <> wrote:
->I discovered a very, very serious booboo in one of my equations. Which
->i corrected. And then feeling incredibly paranoid, i re-went over
->every single thing i've done so far to make sure there weren't anymore
->booboos as altho i don't mind nincompoops jeering me as an idiot (in
->fact, it quite amuses me that they do... What can i say? I have a
->morbid, sick and twisted sense of humor... it makes me laugh when
->airheads display their airheadedness), i don't want anyone who's
->serious to think i produce faulty work.

"Mathematics may be defined as the subject in which we never know
what we are talking about nor whether what we are saying is true."

"As far as the laws of mathematics refer to reality, they are not
certain; and as far as they are certain, they do not refer to

"The more you see how strangely Nature behaves, the harder it is to
make a model that explains how even the simplest phenomena actually
work. So theoretical physics has given up on that."

Personally I decided that "one" and "zero" are bogus concepts
when it comes to physics (one atom is not one of anything, but
a continuously changing collection of other things, etc), which
is why math gets more complicated as people get closer to
"the truth."

->And in the process of going over my equations, i experienced the side
->tangent of discovering what the last number was. Now, THAT was a
->Yes, numbers are infinite, as you can always add on one more number to
->whatever to have a still higher number, yet, paradoxically, there IS a
->Last Number.
->As there is NO last number as numbers continually go higher into
->infinity, what is that non-existent last number?
->Why, zero, of course... If you don't have a number, then you have
->"It's elementary, my dear Watson..."
->Yuk yuk yuk...
->Jeez, i should have have figured that one out a long time ago....
->It was so damn obvious when one bothers to smell...
->Yup, ol' Doc Deadhorse goes down in history as the discoverer of the
->Last Number...
->And of course, at this moment, you're saying to yourself, "Who could
->POSSIBLY give a crap what the last number is?"
->Well, it's important to me as what IS the Last Number...
->Because isn't the Last Number the hindmost?
->Yes, just call me Zero, because that's what i am...
->The Most Zero of Zeroness..
->You'll NEVER catch ME posing and posturing myself as an alpha...
->(or a beta or gamma or delta or etc, etc, etc...)
->Nope, nope, nope...
->Any actually male is ALWAYS an omega.
->"<Sniffle... sniffle...> i'm... i'm just a hindmost... i'm just a
->NOTHING...!!! <sniffle... sniffle... sob sob...>"
->(I am STILL totally confused and bewildered by alphas (she beings)
->posing and posturing themselves as male. So the hell what if they're
->currently wearing male bodies, that still doesn't make them actually
->male. Their behavior doesn't make any damn sense at all. Why would an
->alpha want to be anything but an alpha? Alphas have the greatest and
->best fun of anyone as alphas. So why the HELL would they want to not
->have that? After all, they're still fully she beings just as much if
->they were currently wearing she being bodies. It's their perk as
->alphas to have more fun than anyone. A perk they earn and deserve AS
->alphas, however their species/current bodyforms/whatever. So, it's not
->making any damn sense at all to me that alphas are trying to pose and
->posture themselves as male. Jeez, if they actually KNEW what it means
->to be an omega, they'd run away screaming in the sheerest of terror as
->how could any alpha be a zeroness? Actual omeganess is totally
->poisonous to alphaness. Yup, i'm bewildered and confused... While i
->freely admit i don't understand the psychology of she beingness, even
->to me this behavior of she beings posing and posturing themselves as
->male seems wa-a-a-ay over the edge. Who the HELL would want to give up
->their full capacity of having fun, fun, fun? So they're currently
->stuck in the wrong gender body... So how's about hustling the ol'
->bustle to get nanotechnology fully matured so it can be used to
->correct the problem of the wrong gender lifeforce being in the wrong
->gender body? Jeez, do i have to think of EVERYTHING? Alphas are
->supposed to be alphas and always way, way ahead of me...
->"Alphas, alphas, alphas... it's your RIGHT as alphas to have fun, fun,
->fun overdose... So what the HELL is your problem? You KNOW how cranky
->you get when you're not having fun... EXERCISE your damn right
->already... What? You want a golden engraved invitation served up to
->you on a silver platter? You want it delivered to your door as a
->(Cheesits jumping chrysler... an omega teaching alphas how to be
->alphas... talk about being in a totally embarrassing situation... the
->other omegas are going to laugh at me... <sigh> Such is the way of the
->Most Total Son Of A Bitch Of All... i end up being a total
->laughingstock... Oh well, i sure the hell wouldn't want my
->grandmothers and mothers to ever say i wasn't fully and genuinely
->their grandson and son...)
->And there you go... your weirdness for the day, delivered to you
->courtesy of the Twilight Zone... and hopefully, you even learned
->something new...
->end of line.
->always-the-smartass deadhorse out.

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