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Date: Thu, Aug 14, 2003

Rev. 11D Meow! wrote:
> You still haven't answered the question. . .
> what color is blue?

The colorimetry, or specific description of blue
can be done either subjectively or objectively.

A subjective description of blue would include
its hue, as belonging to a range of several
thousand distinguishable variants in its section
of the visible spectrum, its saturation (chroma)
when compared with the color grey of the same
brightness, and its brightness itself.

An objective description of blue would be its
wavelengths in the near-ultraviolet spectrum,
its purity and its luminance.
Since blue is a primary additive color, too much
variation of wavelength, purity or luminance
without an inverse proportional change in one
or both of its other two objective descriptors
would take it out of the range of visible light
that could be called blue.
Blue colors can also be obtained through
subtraction, when combining various amounts of
the pigments cyan and magenta.

Since the color blue exists both as a subjective
experience of the properly functioning human eye,
and as an objective measureable visible light
and pigment, both of these descriptions should
be used to define it as a color.

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