20 years of glorious horsefucking

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Date: Sat, Aug 9, 2003

CARROLLTON -- A Chesterfield man was charged Wednesday with sexually abusing
a mare in Macoupin County, even as prosecutors in Greene County filed new
charges against him of aggravated cruelty to animals.

Horse owners from the two counties attended Wednesday's preliminary hearing
in Greene County Circuit Court for Kevin Eugene McAfee, whose 43rd birthday
also was Wednesday. A number of horse owners say they believe McAfee has
been sexually abusing their mares oversome 20 years.

Macoupin County State's Attorney Vince Moreth charged McAfee with one count
of sexual conduct with an animal, as well as criminal trespass to property
and criminal damage to property.

McAfee allegedly engaged in sexual misconduct with a mare belonging to Cory
Suttles of rural Chesterfield on March 30 of this year. The charges also
allege McAfee, on the same date, damaged a padlocked door of a freezer at
Suttles' residence in Chesterfield, with damages not exceeding $300, and
criminally trespassed on Suttles' land.

Glen Suttles is the father of Cory Suttles, and their property is adjacent
to each other. The elder Suttles said Wednesday that he and his wife, Nina,
and the rest of the concerned horse owners in the area were elated that
McAfee finally has been charged with sexual misconduct with an animal.

"I am glad not only for us but also for all the people's sakes that have
been putting up with things for 15 to 20 years that we could never fully
explain," Glenn Suttles said.

Suttles said he had been hearing such rumors for years but that until the
death of Steve Barnes' mare last month in Greene County and McAfee's arrest
for criminal damage to property in the death of the mare, horse owners had
never gotten together to compare experiences.

"I had heard rumors for years, but you always hear stories, so I never
wanted to say anything without something that could be proven," Suttles

Suttles said his son telephoned him March 30 and told him he had found a
bale of hay on his property on fire and smoldering. Glenn Suttles went to
help his son, and while they were putting out the fire in the bale of hay,
they found a cigarette butt and then found the freezer broken into.

"We called Chesterfield Police Chief Bob Berrey, and he came out and
investigated thoroughly, took fingerprints," Suttles said. "We knew he and
the Sheriff's Department were seeking charges against (McAfee), but we were
not to say anything until the investigation was complete. We were told that
McAfee confessed to having sexual contact with the mare, and the charges
were filed."

McAfee has remained in the Greene County Jail in Carrollton in lieu of
$75,000 bail since his arrest July 9 in the death of the mare belonging to
Barnes, of Rockbridge.

McAfee appeared Wednesday in Greene County Circuit Court for a preliminary
hearing, which was continued until 10 a.m. Aug. 18 to allow his newly
court-appointed attorney, Charles Theivagt, time to prepare. The first two
court-appointed attorneys cited conflicts of interest in representing the

Besides the charge of criminal damage to property in the death of Barnes'
mare, Dolly, Greene County State's Attorney Elliott Turpin's motion to add
the additional charge of aggravated cruelty to animals was accepted by
Circuit Judge James Day. The charges allege that McAfee tied the mare to a
fence with a strap in such a manner that it caused the horse to choke to
death and that he intentionally caused the death of a companion animal.

Barnes and horse owners throughout the rural Rockbridge and Chesterfield
communities recently began getting together to share their concerns and
suspicions about McAfee.

Almost 30 of the concerned horse owners met with a Telegraph reporter at the
home of Don Bollini shortly after McAfee's arrest. While some were not
willing to comment on the record for fear of retaliation by McAfee after he
gets out of jail, others spoke their minds.

"People are tired of putting up with McAfee," Bollini said. "We have had
unexplained things happening to our horses for years, and as one guy said,
any of us who had mares have to figure this guy's been on our property and
at our mares."

Barnes said Wednesday he was glad so many fellow horse owners attended the
preliminary hearing to show the court they are counting on it to prosecute
McAfee to the fullest extent of the law.

"We want him stopped," Barnes said. "It's gone on too long, and it's not
just for my horse to see some justice. It's for all the people who have
dealt with this for at least the last 20 years."

"We will give (the Greene County charges) a few more days," Bollini said.
"We understand there are charges pending in Macoupin County court that are
far more egregious, and after all, McAfee has the right to a proper defense.
But the longer this drags out, the longer lots of people will remain on pins
and needles. And I'll be back in court on Aug. 18 to support Steve Barnes

"What scares me is that he has been doing things for so long and is
suspected of doing even more than he has been charged with, that he may only
get a few years and be out on the street," Barnes said.

Several of the horse owners admitted they were very slow to put two and two
together about the incidents, because "your mind doesn't really want to go
there," they said.

After filing the charge of sexual conduct with an animal against McAfee,
Moreth's only comment about the case Wednesday was, "It's sick."

picture of captain horsefucker at http://tinyurl.com/jgt1


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I suppose it was either that, or become
a State legislator.

"Pleasure me, you mare wench!"
--James Mason, from the movie
'Mandingo the Caballero'


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Willlbuuuurrrrr!!!! NO! NO!!!!!!



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Did anyone interview the horse(s) involved for their opinions? They
might have enjoyed the attention!
The Reverant Jenny Taylia, Esq.
Church of the SubGenius, UnOrthodox
Superior Mutha Superior of the Little Sistahs of the
Politically Incorrect

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