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From: "nu-monet v7.0" <>
Date: Wed, Jul 14, 2004

(I talked to some older people about this, and
found out it went on at Indiana U, too.)

...what he found was an enormous cache of nude
photographs, thousands and thousands of photographs
of young men in front, side and rear poses. Disturbing,
because on closer inspection the photos looked like the
record of a bizarre body-piercing ritual: sticking out
from the spine of each and every body was a row of
sharp metal pins...

...And if you attended Yale, Mount Holyoke, Vassar,
Smith or Princeton -- to name a few of the schools
involved -- from the 1940's through the 1960's, there's
a chance that yours may be (among them)...


From: polar bear <>

I'll believe it when I see the Vassar photos posted to ABS.


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