now here's one spam i DONT need!

From: "Blackout" <>
Date: Wed, Aug 13, 2003

"+zig" wrote
> 'get bigger boobs. gain 3 cup sizes in a matter of weeks - guaranteed'
> uhhh right - so i'll not only fall over in the street but bounce back up
> again this time!

can you buy in bulk? I could use about 200 of them for an "art project" if
the price is right.


From: (Joe Cosby)

You know, out of all the billions of people in the world, there has to
be at least one who is a morbid pathological compulsive shopper, who
has bought every single one of the "Breast enlargement" products and
"Penis enlargement" products which he has been spammed for, and now
has tits the size of watermelons and an 11 foot penis.

On the plus side though, he can now titty fuck himself.

Can I say "fuck" on usenet like that?

He must look like an elephant backing up when he walks down the


From: "Blackout" <>

I bet he's trapped inside his dingy little weisgerber apartment with the
dirty army blankets nailed across all the windows because his tits and dick
have gotten so damn big that he can't fit through the door anymore. with any
luck he'll have a heart attack and the neighbors will hear it and 15 EMTs
will come and try to wrestle his huge cock and tits down 9 floors to the
ambulance while being filmed and then we can all sit around and watch it on

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