People don't like looking at topless women?

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> Source: Internet Movie Database
> "'Sex And The City' stunner Kim Cattrall has caused a storm in posh
> New York holiday locale The Hamptons by appearing topless in public.
> The 46-year old beauty was canoeing across the bay in Accabonac
> Harbour when she suddenly pulled off her top and waved to a nearby
> pal. One onlooker gasps, 'Kim was close to the shore, so baring her
> breasts and drawing attention to herself was very indiscreet. Once she
> had everyone's attention, she blew kisses to her friend.' Other many
> neighbors have slammed the actress - who plays sexy Samantha Jones in
> the acclaimed series - for her raunchy antics. One fumed, 'Kim just
> doesn't get it. Real life isn't like an episode of Sex and the City
> and not everyone enjoys seeing topless women.'"
> Whoever these "not everyone" are, screw 'em. Better yet, *don't*
> screw 'em.

When a young couple at the Lake Erie beach got excited and started
fucking and sucking in front of any family that happened by, and got
busted, an Ohio judge made them apologize to the public at large -- ON
BILLBOARDS. Mz Cattrall too could perhaps be punished by being forced
to bare her breasts on billboards, at her own expense.

I remember her only from "Big Trouble in Little China" and from a titty
shot in Celebrity Skin Magazine about 20 years ago. (I don't watch much
these days.) Her titties were nothing special to hoot over then,
although, really, isn't every titty special in its own way? Maybe now
that she's 46 they've improved.

I'm married to a perfectly straight space woman and SHE ejoys seeing
topless women. Partly because, you know, primate bodies are inherently
interesting to primates. But partly because "IT'S BAD." Because Kim
Cattrall's neighbors DON'T enjoy them.

If somebody doesn't like the titties then they are perfectly welcome to
turn their heads away in disgust and puke forcefully all over their own
shoes, or whatever it is that they enjoy doing instead of gazing raptly
at titties.


"Breasts are just modified sweat glands; that's all you boys are so
excited about." -- Mr. Larrimer, my 8th grade biology teacher, who
oddly enough never married

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