"Bob" Beats Shit

From: "Rev. Ivan Stang" <stang@subgeniusNOSPUM.com>

Date: Tue, May 4, 2004 12:41 PM

In cutting up Hour of Slack #941, X-Day Special, for the broadcast
radio versions -- the shitless, fuckless versions -- I came to the
SHITS in the El Queso classic, "PLANET X OR BUST 2003 REMIX." The first
two I reversed into "FffISH" and that seemed to work fine and even made
an interesting back-beat for half a second, because the "shit" lyric
was over a drum beat. The third was much trickier because the phrase
"PINK SHITS" was said at the same time as a new overdubbed incoming
round starting with ""Bob" walked in a circle and steadily exhaled". To
reverse or blank out the "SHIT" would fuck up the simultaneous
beginning lyric, ""Bob" walked."



The Internet versions are uncut... non-defuxxed, fulyl un-de-shitted. B

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Subject: Re: "Bob" Beats Shit
From: "nu-monet v6.0" <nothing@succeeds.com>

The best edit had to have been MTVs perversion
of Tom Petty's song "You don't know how it feels":

"...So let's get to the point,
Let's roll another NOINT..."

I wonder how many kids out there grievously
injured themselves by rolling their own noints?

It all boils down to winners and losers.
The winners get what they want and the
losers get the boils.
-- nu-monet


Subject: Re: "Bob" Beats Shit
From: "nu-monet v6.0" <nothing@succeeds.com>

"And I suppose if your friend Tommy rolled
HIS noint, you would too?"

NO Running
NO Jumping
NO Horseplay
NO Rolling Your Noint

"Pleasure me, you noint!"
--James Mason, from the movie
'Mandingo Rolls His Own Noint'


Subject: Re: "Bob" Beats Shit
From: Cardinal Vertigo <jhobbs@myrealbox.com>

Usually I hear "You Don't Know How it Feels" edited to "So let's get to
the point / Let's roll another [click] nowwwww."

I take great pleasure in listening to hip-hop and rap that was obviously
edited by the extremely white. They'll cut a fairly mild reference only
to leave in something incredibly explicit just because they're totally
unfamiliar with the slang.

But my nomination for best edit of all time is one I heard on the Muzak
system of a Wal-Mart in early 1994: Nirvana's "Rape Me" edited to "Waif
me, waif me, my friend / Waif me, waif me again."


From: "nu-monet v6.0" <nothing@succeeds.com>

Oh, the "Michael Jackson" version.

Unless there is some reason for investigation,
the federal law and the Constitution still
protect the rights of citizens.
--FBI agent Greg Stejskal


Subject: Re: "Bob" Beats Shit
From: ridetheory@gmail.com (ignatz topo)

> I wonder how many kids out there grievously
> injured themselves by rolling their own noints?

"Bob" annointeth the heads with 'frop.

sexton iggy

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