Detroit SubG Devival SVCD

From: "Rev. Ivan Stang" <>
Date: Fri, Feb 27, 2004

A SVCD (in bin/cue) of the Detroit Devival edit -- 29 minutes in
near-DVD resolution -- is being uploaded to alt.binaries.monter-movies.
As opposed to the VCD which is already there.

Upload is SLOW.

After the two versions of Detroit, Rev. ERRor's edit of his last year's
London devival footage will be deposited. And a VCD mpeg of the 3
minute version of the X-Day commercial.

The SubGenius-MTV commercial is there in VCD and SVCD style mpegs, as

On alt.binaries.slack, I put some recent Radio Synesthesia call-ins
with LC Dave, me, Huey, Phineas, Banjo Bob and host Dr. Sinister, in
MP3. Also, the best DivX avi of the X-Day and SubGenius commercials,
AND, the world's SMALLEST versions of those ads, in 3G format, for
broadcast over PHONES. TELEPHONES. The smallest version of the video is
only 350 kb, smaller than many of the family snapshots that Granny

Also on a.b.s. I uploaded about 50 cool monster movie stills and
SubGenius pornography, to compliment the hundreds of 3D antique
naked-lady pictures that Chris Lee posted there.

Because local ISPs, and browsers, are useless for Usenet binaries, I
use ($6/mo) and the Thoth program (free until they
discontinued it two days ago!) for newsgroup gropping. Mac users can
still find plenty of copies of Thoth floating around in fileshare land
(I use Limewire, free from

Incidentally, all my video posts have been tediously RAR and
burn-tested using all-Windows crap, to make sure they work for the
masses, because they are created and posted using all Mac and Unix
crap. I know how it feels to download something for three days, only to
find that the idiot who posted did everything in such a way that it
only plays back on HIS computer. When I post SubGenius video to human
newsgroups, I make sure that I am not dishonoring "Bob's" name with
TECHNICAL screw-ups.

If they don't like the movie, that's their problem.


From: (Bobdiddley)

Stang scribed:
>A SVCD (in bin/cue) of the Detroit Devival edit -- 29 minutes in
>near-DVD resolution -- is being uploaded to alt.binaries.monter-movies.
>As opposed to the VCD which is already there.

Hate to be the proof-reader from Anti-Slack Hell, - no wait a minute, I do
enjoy it - but this is the second time I've seen this posted as 'monter' - are
you SURE that isn't 'monster'? Knowing how poopy the Internet is with addys and
URLs, I bet you have to get that JUST RIGHT, to get close to those goodies.
Don't demean the good name of "Bob" with technical screwups. (somebody said

"Insight into popular culture is like keeping meticulous
records of the activities of your hamster." - Nenslo


From: Artemia Salina <>

Bobdiddley wrote:
> Stang scribed:
>> being uploaded to alt.binaries.monter-movies.
> are you SURE that isn't 'monster'?

M. O. N. T. E. R. monter, monter, monter.
It is spelled M-O-N-T-E-R, as in "monSter" only
WITHOUT the 'S'.

Once again, that's MONTER.


"Please God, help me cleanse the computer of viruses and evil photographs
that disturb and ruin my work ..., so that I shall be able to cleanse
myself." -- Rabbi Shlomo Eliahu


From: Artemia Salina <>

Its still MONTER, by the way. I checked. Just in case you
thought it had changed in the past minute.


No 'S'.


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