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From: "Rev. Ivan Stang" <>
Date: Tue, May 20, 2003

Rev. Ivan Stang <> wrote:
> Supposedly some Seattle radio station is about to call me for a morning
> drive show... John and Mike on KMTT. Now I kind of wish I had gone to
> bed before 4. Must... remember... "Bob's"... name....

THANK GROBBS THAT'S OVER; now I can Frop. And resume packing.

It was fast and quite standard. I made sure this time that the on-air
jocks understood that one certain key thing about the Church. It's
awkward when they don't "get" THAT ONE CERTAIN KEY THING.

Anyway, here are my notes for what I was gonna say. They said it would
be 5 minutes and this is about how much you can wedge in, on one of
these shows:

John Mike Bob KMTT

Worship guy named "Bob" Dobbs
Slack & Eternal Salvation or Triple Yr Money Back

Imaginary? Some say that about Jesus.
Famous - Fraud of the Century in Time mag-- beat out Fallwell, Hubbard,
Pat Robertson, even Geraldo and Rush

So of course he's real.

End of the World -- our main focus for last 6 years -- will end 7 am
July 5 1998, hasn't happened yet, therefore there must be a CONSPIRACY
but, when the world is about to end, you'll do things you would NEVER
normally do... we practice the End at this nudist campground...
Tho people laff & say Heaven's Gate jokes, the PARTIES are SO GOOD that
we keep practicing for End of World anyway

Book of SubGenius, Rev-X, subsite

(I didn't get to the books -- they moved on to the Church of Beer or
something. But I did manage to cram in that we HAVE a website and that
we sell ordainments.)

Although I haven't done one of these drive-time rock station fluff
things in a year or more, I have done probably 50 in the past, and this
TIME FLUFF-BITS -- except for the one in Cleveland (!) where they jocks
were SO FUCKING DUMB that they thought *I* was the one who was
believing that CHARLATAN "BOB"'s outlandish bullshit, like some kind of

Okay, now I have to pack and fly away to Texas for I dunno how long.
Luckily there is a big nice new Mac computer where I'm going. But not a
big nice DSL line. And I'm not sure if I'll be WORKING much exactly.
Theoretically I'll be able to do email -- THANKS TO MY HANDY DANDY
"SUBGENIUS.COM" MOVEABLE ALIAS, which I can point to ANY account,
anywhere, as I move around.

BUT, X-Day is A-Comin' so I'm going to try to do FIST and shows and etc.

I left the new FIST in such a way that anyone who wants to help "take
up some of the Slack" (he ha) can do so without even promising me
they're going to, or making me send them special packages repeatedly.
Thus relieving them of the pressure of actually DOING it. They can tell
THEMSELVES and their FRIENDS they're "editors of SubSITE," but if they
never actually get around to doing any of it, no one will know the
difference. If they DO, and email me the results, then they get the big
secret rewards and are my special buddies forever, and the online FIST
looks less like alt.slack

4th Stangian Orthodox MegaFisTemple Lodge of the Wrath of Dobbs Yeti,
Resurrected (Rev. Ivan Stang, prop.)

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