"Copy the HELL out of it!"

From: "Leonard the Committed" <ccssk@N0SPAMchartermi.net>
Date: Wed, Sep 17, 2003 10:20 AM

In a previous post, Stang had asked if anyone had trouble playing the
VCD's that he produces. Also, in another post he mentioned that a specific
el cheepo brand DVD player seemed to do well at playing them.

It turned out the disk he sold me worked great in my laptop, and he told
me "I expect you to copy the HELL out of it" There's only a few people I
know who have been interested in seeing it, and they have already had
thier copy for awhile now.

It turned out that I had a need to go to the local "Wally World" last
week. Wasn't LOOKING for anything particular in the Electronics Dept, but
a gearhead like me can't seem to stay away from places like that.
Remembered seeing the same brand el cheepo player on display and
hooked up to a few different TV's. The gears began turning.

Pretending like an interested buyer, I took one of the copies I made up
there and put it in the player. As expected it played well on that
machine. After talking to and thoroughly confusing the sales kid to divert
his attention, the disk was left in the machine.

That was yesterday evening, and hopefully niether that kid or any of his
co-workers have dicovered the switch. The display is out of the way from
the counter, and I'll bet that bugger is still there waiting for the next
prospective buyer to try it out.

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