Blatant self promotion

From: (RevCarterLeBlanc)
Date: Thu, Apr 1, 2004 6:31 PM

Two new songs posted...even worse than the others. Top two on the list.

Rev Carter LeBlanc


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> Even worse than the others? What the hell kind of self-promotion is
> that?
> >
> >
> >
> > Rev Carter LeBlanc
> Whoa!!! Jimmy Hendrix meets Cabaret Voltaire!
> pb

No, "Jimmy" Hendrix is the one that does all the shitty live bootleg
albums that suck so very badly. "Jimi" Hendrix is the one you're
thinking of, whose playing sucks EXACTLY RIGHT.

That's not a bad description though!

Personally I'm more into Rev. Carter's spoken word art, aka his
did BOTH. Well actually he has a friend who did the music while he
ranted. This music, however, is FREE, whereas the devivals will cost
you as much as ten dollars.

Of all the preachers who took to the stage last time, Rev. carter was
my favorite by far. Because HE TOO USES PAPER NOTES AT THE PULPIT. Like
me. Like me he has certain things that he REALLY WANTS TO MAKE SURE HE
SAYS, because he considers it important enough to get right in case
somebody is recording. You can tell that through the bullshit, HE MEANS
IT. Despite the occasional glance at the notes he is talking TO the
AUDIENCE, not just going through the motions of standing on a stage at
a SubGenius devival and mouthing stuff so he can later say he preached.

This motherfucker IS A PREACHER. He may be like the preacher in WISE
BLOOD. He may not WANT to be a preacher. He certainly did not ask to be
born the son of a JEWS FOR JESUS preacher! But by Gobbs, HE'S GOT THE
SPIRIT! He has the TASTE OF REAL SLACK clenched between his teeth and

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