The Blackout - Xenochrony or What?

From: idrmrsr <>
Date: Fri, Aug 15, 2003 9:40 PM

I got to thinking how this blackout differs from the other two I've
lived through (though not so personally). 1965 and 1977. In both those
cases, thousands of Porch Monkeys descended into the hood and raped,
pillaged, and burned everything they could get their hands on. It was
every man for himself. If you couldn't be seen, you couldn't be caught,
so what the hell.

In sum, it was more like the human race I am (was?) familiar with.

But this one had a nearly British unflappability about it, nay, even a
Japanese or Chinese one. People were courteous to each other,
relatively speaking. There was order in the streets. Nothing was taken
under cover of darkness. People endured quietly and made the best of

Which has me positively SCARED! SCARED the living SHIT out of me!

Storekeepers locked up their stores right after the power went out and
went home to sit in the dark and sweat the night out. In the America I
know (knew), they'd be GUARDING their damn merchandise with the biggest
guns/torches they could obtain.

Nobody stepped out of line throughout this whole thing.

UNNATURAL. What have they DONE to us in the last thirty years? Turned
us into WEAK, COMPLAINT CATTLE just like my Mom said the Communists
would do! It's true, the day she feared is here. Lo an opportunity is
dropped in your lap and you no longer have the REACH or the desire to
GRAB it.

You can hear the lowing of the cattle as the hordes crawled across the
dark bridges.

This morning on CNBC, they had a shot of triumphant stockbrokers in
Manhattan who had slept in the streets and somehow managed to open up
the market ON TIME for another day. However, one LONE broker with still
a shard of HUMAN SPIRIT said he really didn't understand WHY they opened
up for business...with most of the Northeast in a state of emergency, he
quizzed, just WHO THE FUCK would be trading stocks on such a day???

MOOOOOOOO! MOOOOOOO! To all the drones that showed up for work and all
the Jolly Rogers that left all the appliances in the corner store
untouched. Your free will has been BLUNTED by the CON.

The treatment was successful, and the test of its effectiveness through
a concocted power outage has proven that everyone is now a Stepford

So, stop reading this and get back to WORK.


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