VICTORY for Reverend Pee Wee!

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Date: Mon, Mar 22, 2004 7:39 AM

Source: Internet Movie Database

Pee-Wee's Child Porn Charges Dropped

"A California judge has dismissed child pornography charges against
Pee-Wee Herman's alter-ego Paul Reubens after the actor confessed to a
separate misdemeanor obscenity charge. The Blow star was charged in
2002 following a raid on his home the previous year. Investigators
claimed they had seized a number of erotic images, including those of
minors engaged in sexual conduct. Reubens has always maintained the
pictures are part of his vintage art collection, and not related to
anything improper."

And just think: this only set him back what? Fifty, maybe seventy
five thousand in legal fees? Plus being canned from a role in
"Everybody Loves Raymond."


From: Joe Cosby <>

Plus NOBODY will remember this acquittal. It's been what, a year?
The public has a 6.2 minute attention span.

He's an actor, having the public remember him as a pedophile will

Joe Cosby
"We all know what the marriage penalty is:
no oral sex."
- Bill Maher


From: polar bear <>

yeah, I mean it's not like he did anything to draw attention to himself.



From: Joe Cosby <>



Joe Cosby
"Welcome to Mississippi, please set your watch back 25 years"
- Cosmo Electrolux

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