SubGenius Vs. SubGenius Comics Explanation

From: "Rev. Ivan Stang" <>
Date: Mon, Mar 29, 2004

There was this wonderful, golden time in the past when the old timey
SubGenius picture-drawers and wise guys all were friends and made
cartoons about not only "Bob" but also each other. JUST EXACTLY LKIKE
NOW ON A.B.S., but this was all different guys. These cartoons and
collages and things were generally just mailed around between the small
circle of Elder SubGenius Art Monks and Popes. The greatest of all were
of course the ones by Nenslo and Mavrides. Theirs were the meanest and
the funniest. In fact, they were so funny and mean that Nenslo and
Mavrides didn't think it was so funny anymore, and became sworn bitter
enemies for life, their legendary malice for each other promising to
linger on into horrible shambling eternal "life" after death.

Assassinated Nenmaster Nenslo told me about a year ago to go ahead and
post his whenever I got around to scanning them. I just got around to

I have to ask Palmer first for permission to post his. The other guys
(Jay Kinney, Puzzling Evidence, Gary G'broagfran and me) I am SURE
don't give a shit.

There are more of these floating around somewhere.

4th Stangian Orthodox MegaFisTemple Lodge of the Wrath of Dobbs Yeti,
Resurrected (Rev. Ivan Stang, prop.)


From: "Heart Ignition" <cardiacflambe@comcast.netX>

All thems were a nice way to kill time, especially THE STORY OF EVERYTHING

From 8 years old to about 15 I made a comic book called Lentil. 300 issues
of it.
It was basically about a lentil bean that turns into Lipton Cup of Soup!
and fights bad guys. Originally it started with food that was alive, then
computer shite, then food, computer shite, and rip offs of actual comic book
heros from underground all the way to marvel.

I remember hearing a speech on HOS a few years back that you gave, from an
X-day I believe, about how you destroyed all those comics you made. I
contemplated destroying them many times, but never did. I've thought about
posting them here, but there's gotta be 1500 pages total of the 300 issues.

I sorta see them as being discovered when I'm famous or after I'm dead and
selling at auction for hundreds of thousands of dollars! My friends used to
make fun of me when i would "opt out" of some adventure for the sake of
finishing or starting one. I'll have the last larf tho!


From: goldfingerjaws@aol.comdoofus (KrustyMADfaker)

dang it post them suckers! the end of the world is nigh! Why did you forget
that yet again? Please! thanx!

Rev. KrustyMADfaker

"Mmm - A game with D' oh! Nuts! Mmm...donuts!" -Homer J. Simpson

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