From: (Rev. Sternodox)
Date: Wed, Aug 13, 2003

Floral Symphonic

by Rev. Sternodox

Once upon a time there was this one guy who had to take a shit real bad.
He'd eaten a bunch of cheap canned chili too (Wolf Brand), so he knew it
was going to stink like fourteen motherfuckers. But he had to shit so bad
he couldn't even wait till he got home. So he pulled off on this dirt road
and put his car in park and got out and pulled his pants down and took the
biggest shit of his life. But he shit right on this radioactive meteorite
that had just landed and it had a bunch of cesium and strontium and
californium and a bunch of other isotope stuff that man had never
discovered and when the guy's shit came in contact with it, it assumed a
horrible semblance of life and it walked like a man. So then the
radioactive shitbeing grabbed the guy and buttfucked him with a
twelve-foot long dick that was totally made of shit. Meanwhile, there was
this other guy who was thinking about becoming a homo but he only liked to
stick shit up his dick and had only done that for his whole life. So the
radioactive shitbeing used mental telepathy and found out about that guy
and decided that he would buttfuck everybody in the world except that one
guy. So the shitbeing began to walk towards the town, leaving a trail of
runny radioactive shit and turds with stuff that looked like peanuts but
was really some alien intestinal stuff. So the shitbeing grabbed everybody
he saw on the way to town and buttfucked them with his dick made of shit.
First he grabbed this one guy and the guy screamed in horror and pain as
the twelve foot turd cock entered into his rectum that had little fissures
in it anyway. The tissue of the rectum began to tear as the microbes
infesting the shit that the shitbeing's dick was made of rapidly infected
the guy's asshole who was being buttfucked. He screamed and screamed and
finally the shitbeing was getting ready to cum only instead of cum coming
out of his dick that was made of shit, it was diarreah that came out. But
by this time, the guy that he was buttfucking was dead. But some of the
radiation from the shitbeing's shit-cum got in the guy's bowels and it
made his shit come to life too. So the guy's shit and the shitbeing both
became good friends and had sandwiches together and played poker and stuff
but they still were going around buttfucking all the humans. But then it
happened over and over until everybody on earth was nothing but walking
radioactive shitbeings. All except that one guy who liked to put shit in
his dick. And the shitbeings would never ever buttfuck him in the asshole
or even in the dick because they wanted to torture him for all eternity.
But one day the guy captured one of the shitbeings and made him buttfuck
him in the dick and when the diarreah came spurting out of the shitbeing's
dick that was made out of shit, it came out with such force that it blew
the guy's head off. Then all the shitbeings jacked off all at the same
time and when they squirted diarrhea out of their dicks they all ate each
other's diarrhea.

The End


From: "Blackout" <>

this was about 9 years ago, right?

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