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From: (Rev. Sternodox)
Date: Mon, Aug 4, 2003

Brownie Fantasy Intero-Caveman

by Rev. Sternodox

Once upon a time, there was this one guy that worked the night shift at
this Superball factory in Enid, Oklahoma who could pull the ureter out of
his dick and snap it loud enough that the reverberations would cause the
antenna towers of the local radio station to bend over at a forty degree
angle. But one night this girl he knew took a pair of scissors that had
been basking in the mutagenic radiation of a discount Bangladeshi
cyclotronic bamph-chamber for two weeks and when he whipped it out, she
cut his dick off before he could do the trick. But it wasn't really a guy
at all, it was this cooperative colony of intelligent rectum cells that
had evolved into an intelligence far greater than the cumulative expertise
of thousands of generations of normal humans. So they (in the guise of
that guy) transformed themselves into a giant toad cock that was covered
in festering, linguini-shaped pustules and rammed itself up the girl's
asshole before she could run out the door. The dick-guy was so huge that
the girl's rectum tore into about eighty thousand hundred pieces but some
of the pieces bound with the guys dick garbage on a molecular level and
created giant mutant pussy animals that had fifty hundred poisonous fangs
on each of its twelve hundred dozen prehensile dicks. Also the dicks had
impenetrable armour on them that was the colour of gecko vomit after the
gecko had just ate two or three cans of Wolf Brand chili with no beans. So
the giant pussy creatures that had all those dicks battled the guy/dick
creature in a giant war and both of them got so tired out that they agreed
to call a truce and decided to go to Wendy's for a baked potato with no
chives or sour cream. But when they got there they found out that they
were out of baked potatoes so they got back in a giant war except they
started killing all the people in the Wendy's by pulling their dicks and
balls off and before they bleed to death, they sewed the dicks and balls
up in their mouths real tight so they suffocated while they were bleeding
to death. But the army had this new giant nuclear machine cannon Gatling
submarine bomb that they dropped on the creatures but it just turned them
into forty hundred more new ones that took over the earth and grabbed the
president of Nairobi and tied him to a pole and each took turns
buttfucking him on television so that everybody would be scared of them
and not try to resist them. But this one club called the Hog Masturbators
Club whose members all liked to jack off while jacking off a pig and
drinking the pig cum in front of the local constabulary who they kidnapped
decided to try to resist and form a movement against the creatures. So
they put a ad in the newspaper asking for volunteers but the creatures
read it and captured the whole club and spent a entire afternoon slowly
skinning them alive, ass first and then their dicks and balls and cunts
because there was two girls in the club but they didn't like to jack off a
pig but they thought it was a good club anyway. But one of the girls
escaped and found a secret giant machine from Atlantis that could blow the
creatures up. Then she pushed the button on it and all the creatures blew
up except ten of them but that was enough to capture the girl and fuck her
for about a year with these giant dicks that were made out of red hot
cheese graters that vibrated and stuck out with giant metal spikes. Then
the girl died and the ten creatures all got VD off of her and they died
too. Then these other aliens came to earth but nobody was there left alive
and they went back to their own planet and never came back.

The End

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