STERNO'S NEW ROMANCE NOVEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From: (Rev. Sternodox)
Date: Thu, Jul 31, 2003

The Picnic in July

By Rev. Sternodox

"Fuck this shit," stated Jones as he slowly withdrew the 80-foot length of
rusty barbed wire from the throat wound of his recently disemboweled
next-door neighbor. Jones had spent the past month methodically
disemboweling each and every denizen of his middle-class neighborhood,
beginning with those on the outskirts and slowly working his way toward
the community's center. He was aided in this venture by the fact that the
victims were all dead, having unwittingly consumed a dizzying variety of
lethal compounds dumped into the community water supply by Jones, who was
a night watchman at the local waste treatment plant. As Jones struggled to
pull the barbed wire from the corpse's neck he suddenly developed an
overwhelming desire to fuck the beckoning throat wound. Unwilling or
unable to forestall this desire, Jones immediately shed himself of pants
and underwear alike and inserted his diseased member into the jagged
wound, impaling his throbbing choad on several of the spiked protuberances
emanating from the twisted shaft of the barbed wire. Jones' excitement was
rapidly diminishing in direct correlation to the pain he was beginning to
experience as a result of having his penis pierced by rusty metal. The
more Jones struggled, the more his frantic gesticulations resulted in
ever-widening tears in the skin of his by now rather flaccid member. Then
all of a sudden he got real hard again by magic and started fucking the
corpse's throat again real hard. Then just as he was getting ready to cum,
he reached in and pulled a handful of turds out of the corpse's guts. Then
he dragged the corpse over to the other house by his and found a bunch
more dead bodies. Then this secret radiation in this laboratory made Jones
grow fifty hundred thousand mutant dicks out of his own throat and he cut
most of them off but they all came to life and started buttfucking
everybody who wasn't living in the town that was all dead! Then Jones
became the creator of all matter and time due to a mistake in the fabric
of the universe, and he started to buttfuck his own throat after he used
solid-platinum barbed wire to gash a big hole in it. Then he started
cumming again, but it wasn't cum this time, it was a mixture of arsenic,
blood, cum, shit, piss, vaginal juice, acid, enema-bag stuff, blister
juice, rabies foam, sewer sludge, solid fart juice, cum that had been
felched out of a dead Rabbi's butthole, and shit that was out of one
asshole and then forcibly rammed into another asshole and then shit back
out again last Tuesday. Then he ate all that stuff except the arsenic
which he took to the next town's water supply where he did it all over
again, forever, for all eternity to all the people who ever were born and
who ever lived on earth and all the alternative earths and every other
planet in every dimension in the multiverse.

The End

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