STERNO'S REQUEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From: Michael Keckhaver <>
Date: Sun, Aug 17, 2003

OK, you stupid fucking alt.slack fux. I'm writing a new story and I
wanna know whether you want the astronauts buttfucking the Sunday
school janitors or the Sunday school janitors buttfucking the
astronauts. You've got about THREE MINTES to answer me you roach

- Rev. Sternodox, Pope of Arkansas


From: "nu-monet v6.0" <>


Oh, and the Astronauts should be da bitches.


From: Artemia Salina <>

How about if the astronauts come down to earth to murder the
sunday school teachers but because one very brave janitor had
snuck into the space station without the astronauts seeing him
and found out the plans of the astronauts because they had
scribbled a map of the sunday school on the side of the space
station and he alerts the other janitors with his janitorial
emergency walky talky so that they're waiting for the astronauts
when they get there and then a big karate fight could break out
with the janitors using their mop handles against the astronauts
who have astronaut swords that they found in outer space and drove
them crazy because the swords let out anti-sword-theft gas when they
picked them up but during the fight the janitors could squirt Windex
at the astronauts which is an antidote to the anti-sword-theft
gas and suddenly the astronauts forget why they came down to
earth but the janitors remind them and so the astronauts panic
and start fighting again so they don't have to go to jail for
stealing swords from outer space?


From: subspecies23@aol.comyourmom (SubSpecies23)

That's much too lucid for a Sterno Story.



From: (HellPopeHuey)

Also, please put in something involving plungers. Either end will do,
but both would be really ginchy.


HellPope Huey,
Zap my P-RAM & Rebuild me or I'm gonna SPLORP

"Some tie lover's knots...we tie hater's knots."
- "Mr. Corbett's Ghost"

"If anyone needs me, I'll be in the ANGRY DOME!"
- "Futurama"


From: "nikolai kingsley" <>

if they don't already, someone should manufacture plungers with a suction
cup on both ends. you could use it to hold things together, like cars, or
buildings, or bald people.

there *has* to be a market for this.


From: "nikolai kingsley" <>

sorry about the late reply, but i live on the other side of the planet.
could you have one of the janitors buttfucking an astronaut, who is
buttfucking a janitor who is buttfucking an astronaut and so on in a circle
involving about 20 people? i was going to say "23" but then there'd be an
instance of a janitor buttfucking a janitor or an astronaut buttfucking an
astronaut, and we can't have that.

- Kent Brockman

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