STERNO'S TRUTH ABOUT OPERA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From: (Rev. Sternodox)
Date: Thu, Jul 31, 2003

The Bailiff and the Butcher

by Rev. Sternodox

Once upon a time, there was a terrible car wreck on the freeway that had
over a hundred cars in it that killed everybody except for four people who
were all horribly mangled and bleeding and the skin coming off and third
degree burned and gravel stuck all in their skin and couldn't hardly
breath. So this one guy who weighed in excess of 450 pounds and was in a
circus sideshow was one of the people who wasn't dead yet. So the fat guy
crawls over to this other guy who isn't really a homo but sort of looks
like one and everybody in school always beat him up. But the fat guy was
really a homo and he tried to buttfuck the other guy but he died because
of his serious injuries because of the car wreck. But the guy who looked
real faggy decided to go ahead and become a homo since he already looked
like one anyway and to let somebody buttfuck him except he was bleeding to
death and only had minutes to live. So this girl who was about three cars
over was laying underneath this whole family who was burned to a crisp and
thrown from their car and the girl crawled out from underneath the bodies
and over to the guy who just became a homo because she saw him. So he
asked if the girl would pretend to be a guy and stick a piece of broken
off steering wheel up his asshole to pretend like it was a dick so he
could feel like a real homo before he finally bled to death. But the girl
had a heart attack just when she was reaching the steering wheel broke off
part to the recently converted homo's asshole and he died too right after
that because of how much blood he lost and a cut artery. Then the only
other person left alive, who was on his way home from work when the
accident happened, was this guy who had just murdered an entire orphanage
full of retarded Mexican children except one that he kept to buttfuck but
who died in the wreck. So the guy, whose name was Harold, tried to crawl
away from his burning car because of explosions. He saw the gas leaking
from the ruptured gas tank and fruitlessly attempted to wrench his smashed
and bleeding leg from beneath the steel and chrome hulk. But it was hard
to do since his dick was still encased in the butt of the dead retarded
Mexican orphan. But the orphan was really Odin, who liked to time travel
and assume the guise of earthlings to study them and wasn't really hurt in
the wreck because he was a God. So he pulled Harold's dick out of his butt
and stood up and strangled Harold and walked over to the dead girl who was
still holding the broken off part of the steering wheel and brought her
back to life but only as a homo, with a real dick, and brought the other
guy who just became a homo back to life and whisked them both away to a
tropical paradise but Satan intercepted them and cut their dicks off so no
buttfucking. Then the guy who used to be a girl committed suicide and so
did the guy who was a new homo. Then Odin forced Wagner to write an opera
about it but Wagner knew Hitler was going to be in power so he left the
homo parts out and got famous anyway.

The End

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