American $20 Bills

From: "fenian" <>
Date: Sun, Jun 6, 2004

I read that new American Twenties have an RFID chip in Andrew Jacksons
right eye. If you microwave the bill, the rfid chip will burn, and a hole
will appear where it was. Anybody care to verify? Source:


From: "Rev. Beergoggles" <spammers_suck@post.replies.please>

Gosh.. who would have thought that putting something in the microwave
would cause a fire. Try a CD. fucks it up real good.

They also spent half a billion dollars researching how to put an
RFID chip in Benjamin Franklin's butthole but couldn't implement
the solution since his face is only present on the bill. They
are now reseaching using RFID chips cleverly disguised as hairplugs
and offering free baldness cures to people of interest.

And that stuff in Goldshlager ain't gold, them are little chips
used to trace rich drunks.

Them ain't monkeys flying out my ass, them are sekrit agents. But
they pay rent.



From: "fenian" <>

Miss the point much??? The right eye specifically. The right eye. Read - the
right eye. Did I mention that it's the right eye? I think I forgot to say
that it's his right eye. Andrew Jackson's right eye tends to flare up. Don't
forget - the right eye - it's Andrew Jackson's right eye.


From: "nu-monet v6.0" <>

fenian wrote:
> I read that new American Twenties have
> an RFID chip in Andrew Jacksons right eye.

They're not doing it to US bills yet, but the
Euro is already being done.

Trust No One.
Always Look To The Skies.
The Truth Is Not There.
-- nu-monet

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