Anne Coulter is a stupid bitch

From: subspecies23@aol.comyourmom (SubSpecies23)
Date: Wed, Aug 20, 2003

I'd heard the name a few times before, but had no idea who she was. But now
she's on that Bill Mahr show on HBO, and the rage she instills in me is



From: "nu-monet v6.0" <>

Are you sure that it's rage, and not...lust?

You're just sitting there, and all of a sudden you
feel a presence in the room, then everything goes

You wake up in a haze a short time later, to find
yourself tied to a makeshift plywood pillory, not
uncomfortable, but effectively restrained. Into
the room walks Ann Coulter, clad in a sexy, see-
through pink negligee. Then you realize that you
are completely naked, and with a painful, throbbing
erection, due, no doubt to a powerful and illegal
aphrodisiac that was administered to you whilst
you were asleep.

After teasingly lashing your member with her long
blonde hair, she runs her tongue up the underside
of your man meat, making your testicles throb as
you feel your pulse in your ears and for a second
you see stars. Quickly, she starts to mount you,
rubbing her ample and blonde furry pubis over the
head of your buttocks-clenching flesh thrust knob.

But you brain can't take your sky-high blood
pressure and you faint for a second.

You awake in confusion, but now ready to commit
your unstoppable battering ram to punishing her
warm and moist insides until you both die in an
orgasm beyond description. That is, until the
illusion of Ann Coulter is shattered by the new
visage of Rush Limbaugh, in a pink negligee,
his brown eye aimed squarely at your erect tool,
unknowing that it is about to plunge into the
oozing decayed feces made of ground beef,
potatoes and cheese in his rectal interior.

Then, as his suction-cup covered tentacles wrap
about your body, Rush says to you:

"Earthman, I WANT YOUR SEED!"

And you scream and scream.

Fade to black. Sweet dreams.

"Money can't buy you happiness,
but when you're poor, you can't
buy shit, and nobody will loan
you happiness."

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