Culture Notes: "Blogs," the new "Zines."

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Date: Tue, May 6, 2003 11:01 AM
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Since PBS'"The News Hour With Jim Lehrer" broke the Blogs story the
other day and PBS radio ran a story this morning on audio Blogs,
cultural observers should be amused to watch the upcoming
proliferation of Blog stories in the Lifestyles section of local
newspapers and TV Newsproduct broadcasts. Count how many times the
phrase "short for web log" is used!


Subject: Re: Culture Notes: "Blogs," the new "Zines."
From: "Rev. Ivan Stang" <>

NENSLO! This happened LAST YEAR.

Oh, but, I forgot -- your land of Lemuria is an enchanted kingdom,
forgotten by Time and Lost in Space.

Oh. Wait. No. It *was* on websites that I was reading all the cutesy
blather about blogs last year. Not TV. You're right, again, you awful

Although... last month during the heavy fighting, NBC News and other
con-glomerated news spews did deign to mention some of the many amateur
war news blogs. When NBC did it, they gave out some of the URLs wrong.
Jealous. I became very familiar with some of those "warblogs" as they
got to be called. They led me to many marvels of bullshit, lies, rumors
and disinformation-- and the really cool and hideous anecdotes and
little details that make it all so horribly real-ish to a person safe
in Cleveland Heights.

I only lurk in these.

Everybody's still wondering about the Iraqi guy who had been blogging
from Baghdad. They're hoping it's just that his local electrical power
is still out or something.

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