IF things keep going the way they are, the next thing you'll know...

From: Rev DJ Epoch <nunyabiz@noway.com>
Date: Sat, Apr 10, 2004

You'll need a breathing license.
-- The Church of Our Lady of Prepetual Motion
-- Cathedral, Carwash and Dancehall
-- Home of the Traci Lords Memorial Brothel
-- Rev. DJ Epoch - proprietor and janitor
Divine Southern Redneck Yeti Clench Recruitment site:
Some assembly required, and in case of prizes, duplicate ties will be


From: goldfingerjaws@aol.comdoofus (KrustyMADfaker)

Since my Itchies and Scratchies are acting up again I'll take a couple dozen!

Rev. KrustyMADfaker
"Mmm - A game with D' oh! Nuts! Mmm...donuts!" -Homer J. Simpson


From: hellpopehuey@subgenius.com (HellPopeHuey)

> >From: Rev DJ Epoch
> >You'll need a breathing license.

...you'll pay to keep me from exhaling on you. I just had a chili dog
with _____ on it. I didn't fill in that last part because there are
ladies present, I think.


HellPope Huey
I hope a 15-foot-tall Irish springer
appears from nowhere,
takes a 60-pound dump in the bed of your truck
and then disappears,
never to be seen again
or even mentioned on the news.

"The character in the dog suit was William Rehnquist."
- Jon Stewart

"I'm gonna turn you into POO!"
- "Family Guy"

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