From: (KD et al)
Date: Thu, Apr 8, 2004

Living in illusion is fun. Kookdom is a neverending party.
Whats my motivation for reality?


From: "ghost" <>

The problem is that hardcore kooks *are* writing the scripts for our

The free-energy theorists and "Face-on-Mars" enthusiasts may be a bit dotty,
but at least they're by and large benevolent.

Paul Wolfowitz (a serious kook) is creating American foreign policy. John
Ashcroft (a calico cat and marble titty fearing kook) is keen on rewriting
the Constitution.

*Their* illusions are becoming our lives.

Yeah, you're right. Back to the Nephillim from space page.


From: Joe Cosby <> (KD et al) wrote:
>Living in illusion is fun. Kookdom is a neverending party.
>Whats my motivation for reality?

You can alter reality at will. Anybody can.

The problem is that most of our lives we live in a shared reality.

So the question is just who you are or aren't sharing it with.

Joe Cosby
We're a RABBLE! *Not* a clique! And it's what rabbles DO! They roused the
rabbles, so they reaped the hairpin or something like that.

Rev. DJ Epoch

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