Missing our chance here

From: "iDRMRSR" <idrmrsr@subgenius.com>
Date: Sun, Feb 29, 2004

Hey, other countries like Haiti can change presidents in a matter of a few

Wonder who would come to restore peace in the US if there was a sudden coup
with resultant unleashing of unrest? France? Germany? Russia?

Snicker, snicker, they'd all be sitting in their chalets shitting their
pants if all of a sudden, the biggest force in the First World entered civil
unrest. Thinking of ways to resolve the "American Problem".



From: Doktor DynaSoar <targeting@OMCL.mil>

They've already arranged things so we don't want to.
Cheney is next in line.
You do NOT want that.


From: FrJBleu@ifrance.com (Frere Jean Bleu)

A small tip on Cheney. He was visiting Uri Geller in January.


Et Tu Dick!!!!!!

Fr J B


From: "Dunter Powries" <fech.redcap@spedlin>

> http://www.world-mysteries.com/doug_urig.htm

The next time I am in despair over having squandered my allotted span of
years on foolish pursuits, I'd be grateful if someone would repost this

Thank you.

Dunty Porteous,
Human Sacrifice

"And thanks a lot for the gold and frankincense, but don't worry too much
about the myrrh next time. All right? Thank you! Good-bye! Well, weren't
they nice? Hmm. Out of their bloody minds, but still."
-Mandy Cohen

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