Jeb Bush dumb as a rock, too

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Date: Wed, Jul 7, 2004

Fredric L. Rice wrote:
Oh, that's the old "EQ ambush trick".

EQ, short for "Economics Quotient" was a play on
"Intelligence Quotient", in which some microphone
wielding person would walk up to someone on the
street and ask them a question about economics.

Of course, NOBODY even got even the simple ones,
because they were thinking about other things, and
would have to ponder for maybe fifteen or twenty
seconds before coming up with the right answer,
which would make them look like a dunce. Otherwise,
they would either blurt out "I don't know" or take
a stupid wild guess, either one making them look

The EQ people then used this to show how IGNORANT
more economics ought to be taught in school, and
how more economists ought to be hired to teach,

Others used the EQ technique for things like "What
are the names of your Congressmen?", "Name three
Supreme Court Justices", and of course question
that nobody could answer, "Do you know how many
Americans died of lung cancer this year?"


All it proves is that JB is a gentleman for not
telling the guy off, or having him arrested like
Bill Clinton did when some guy asked him the Rush
Limbaugh created question, "Has any nation ever
taxed itself into prosperity?"

Two headed people are the future.
Get used to it, single head.


From: nenslo <>

stoney wrote:
> nobody wrote:
> > REMOVEFRice@SkepticTank.ORG (Fredric L. Rice) wrote:
> >>"What are the angles on a three-four-five-triangle?"
> >>
> >>The governor gave a steely grin and then stalled a bit.
> >>
> >>"The angles would be ... If I was going to guess ... Three-four-five.
> >>Three-four-five. I don't know, 125, 90 and whatever remains on 180?"
> >
> > Silly answer but silly question too. Such a question would only make
> > sense in a suitable multiple choice setting. And I would hope
> > governors and other politicians utilize their time and effort with
> > trying to understand and the bigger picture, delegating and making
> > decision instead of memorizing minutiae.
> I agree with the silliness of the question in that venue. I
> also agree with your points about time and effort.
> Sadly, the majority of what passes for 'education' in the primary
> years *is* memorize and regurgitate minutiae. How much generates
> an understanding of utilization, time period, and/or culture of
> the time? Where, and how, can 'x' be applied? What demonstrates
> student knowledge of the subject verses being lucky at guessing
> the answer? How much encourages the cultivation of critical
> thinking skills?

I just don't see how it is particularly telling when people are unable
to answer questions which do not in any way relate to the skills they
need to perform their job. When does ANY politician actually use the
knowledge of the angles of a right triangle? NEVER, that's when. Nor
do they need to know how to overhaul a carburetor, bake bread, or any
other functional craft skill. That's not their job. Let's see any of
YOU get elected to high public office. So SHUT UP.

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