Re: KKK, Iraqi tortures, "just like shooting a turkey."

From: Joe Cosby <>
Newsgroups: alt.atheism.holysmoke,alt.atheism,alt.slack
Date: Sun, May 9, 2004 11:08 PM

On Sun, 09 May 2004 18:38:46 GMT, REMOVEFRice@SkepticTank.ORG (Fredric
L. Rice) wrote:

>Christian Identity, it looks like, was a part of one of the
>torturer's religious upbringing.
>In Fort Ashby, in the isolated Appalachian mountains 260km west of
>Washington, the poor, barely-educated and almost all-white population
>talk openly about an active Ku Klux Klan presence.
>Good ol' girl who enjoyed cruelty

Somehow not surprisingly, in managing to miss the point entirely, you
play right into the game which perpetuates this. You completely lose
track of the big picture in your zeal to put your stamp on the little

It's all just cats and dogs, Fred. "Whitewater!" THOSE DAMNED CATS!
"Prisoner abuse!" THOSE DAMNED DOGS! Woof woof meow.

The real issue which you manage to lose track of in the blink of an
eye is WHY exactly we are over there in Iraq fighting a war based on
lies and deception and a complete disregard for the mandate of the
country that started it.

The people with the brains to run this country, the people who do run
this country, people who you will never see, know how to keep idiots
like you distracted with pointless cat and dog fights. You post some
crap like this and think you must have THOSE BASTARDS shaking in their
boots. But they look at the nationwide catfight that you are a tiny
part of and it warms their hearts. Because they know you have been
snookered again. You have lost track of the real show.

So some pictures come back from Iraq that cause a stir. No problem,
just throw the fools a controversy to chew on. The CATS will be mad
about this one, so throw them a DOG. Simple.

They WANT you to demonize the GIs in the picture and Rumsfeld, if they
have to go that far, you fucking idiot.

They WANT you to label her exactly the way you've done, slapping a
bunch of meaningless blind LEFTY (cat) labels on her in a fit of
righteous indignation. Because they know you will jump at the bait
and in doing so, you will just get the dogs barking back at you, and
back and forth you dull-witted suckers will go, bark woof meow. You
fucking idiots will argue for a month whether what's her name was a
RIGHT WING TRAILER TRASH or KKK or whatever the fuck. Back and forth,
louder and louder.

And meanwhile, the war goes on.

Unnoticed. Forgotten.

It's not because the conspiracy is so vast and subtle and insidious
tha this goes on. It's just simply that you are TOO FUCKING STUPID to
to see past your knee-jerk anti-right-wing bullshit for even a moment.

It's IDIOTS LIKE YOU who live in a state of dowright RELIGIOUS
hysteria about the right/left wing who keep the whole show running.
Your absolute belief that the OTHER side is DEMONS, wrong, KKK

The real irony, the great joke which only the puppetmasters (well, and
me) get is that what keeps both sides going is that they know the
OTHER side can't be reasoned with because they are BIGOTED. And at
the same time, neither is capable of seeing that in their automatic
demonization of the OTHER side they are doing exactly the same thing.

That's ALL YOU'RE CAPABLE OF, FRED. Every post you make is some
hysterical sermon about the EVIL Scientologists/Republicans/KKK
whatever. (Except when you were trying to make a joke for a while
there, but that was even more painful to watch). You see demons
EVERYWHERE YOU LOOK, don't you Fred?

Maybe that means there ARE demons everywhere. Or maybe it means it's
just time to clean your glasses.

Joe Cosby
Capt. Dobbs:
You admit it!
Capt. Yossarian:
I admit I'm being persecuted.
Capt. McWatt:
Yeah? By whom?
Capt. Yossarian:
By them!
Capt. Dobbs:
But, who specifically is "them"?
Capt. Yossarian:
Every one of them!
Capt. Dobbs:
Every one of who?!
Capt. Yossarian:
Every one of who do you think!
Capt. Dobbs:
I haven't any idea!
Capt. Yossarian:
Then how do you know they aren't?!

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