The "Bob" vs. "Colossus" Theorem

From: "nu-monet v6.0" <>
Date: Tue, Apr 13, 2004 11:25 PM

The theorem: that the CONspiracy, in a last ditch
effort to defeat "Bob", are trying to make an
immense virtual intelligence cyber-organism that
will absorb ALL SLACK from the world.




From: Soot Bull Jeep <>

Yahdah, Yahdah, Yahdah.

"It's a fairly complicated network," the FBI's executive assistant
director for administration, W. Wilson Lowery Jr., told reporters today
at a briefing on Trilogy. He said the network was slated to be
implemented by March 31, and even with about 70 sites and satellite and
encryption capabilities added to the plan, it was right on schedule.

Trilogy's cost originally was $458 million, but later grew by $138
million. Lawmakers criticized the cost overruns, saying the project was
poorly managed and on an unrealistic schedule. But Lowery said the
increased costs accounted for items not initially planned in the project
but necessary for its success, such as the enterprise operations center
and satellite capabilities.


I'll blow milk outta my nose when within the first month the system
gets ./'d by a hog-ringed Eastern Block script kiddie.

And I also love how nonchalantly the $138M in overages get passed off
as 'necessary for success'. I must use that line the next time I submit
my monthly expenses.



Subject: Re: The "Bob" vs. "Colossus" Theorem
From: "ghost" <>


Glom upon glom of hideous proprietary code. It'll need the constant
attentions of a small army of program massagers just to get through daily
operations. Probably un-securable, or so secure no one can get in or out.

And for anti-terrorist purposes, priceless. They won't want to pay American
wages to get all the relevant data keyed in & transferred, so they'll
out-source it to some country that would have no interest in any sensitive
terrorist data. Someplace like Pakistan.

I'm more worried about the Usenet hitting the consensus tipping point.

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