Mike "Doctor Pussay" Talbot - world's greatest writer..

From: "U. M. Zaporets" <reverend_jim_jones@yahoo.com>

Date: Mon, Sep 29, 2003 2:35 AM

...Says he. He must surely be a troll, but a very prolific one. His writing
is funny and may give you good slack.

"This is what the Elder Gods tricks are like. They are mean and malicious.
Did you know that Al Gore really won the presidency in 2000? Did you know
that the Nazis really won world war 2? Did you know that the animals we call
cows are really trees, and what we call trees should really be called cows?
The Elder Gods change history and people's brains to reflect it. For nothing
is beyond their power when it comes to stuff like that. Nothing.?"

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