Russian cult sells resurrections

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Date: Sun, 30 Jan 2005 17:50:44 GMT

From: "roger gonnet"
Subject: Cult sells better than scientology and rael: for 39000
rubles, one can buy the resurrection of a loved one.

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Cult of Grigoriy Grabovoi sells resurrections in North
"Izvestiya" is continuing its investigation into the
operations of Grigoriy Grabovoi's sect, whose adepts
have offered to sell resurrection of the children
killed in the Beslan school for 39,000 rubles.
Although the North Ossetia law enforcement authorities
were already interested in the group, its structures
continue to operate in Beslan, Vladikavkaz and Moscow.
Only the price of the resurrections have now gone up
to 39,500. "Izvestiya" met with Grigoriy Grabovoi's
cult management, whose offices are in a fashionable
building in the center of Moscow. Grabovoi first
promised he would be president of Russia in 2008, then
he offered a bribe to the Izvestiya correspondent.

**"Money is the most concentrated form of energy"**

Among those who responded to the first Izvestiya
report on Grigoriy Grabovoi's sect was Orthodox
minister Alexander Pikalev from Vladikavkaz. From him
we learned how Grabovoi's sect got into North Ossetia.
"One day I came back and saw the whole city was
papered with Grabovoi's advertising," said Father
Alexander. "They offered a seminar that had already
started in the Republic's children's library. I made
calls to the Justice Ministry, Internal Affairs
Ministry, Health Ministry, children affairs committee,
the Armenian Apostolic Church offices, the mosque and
Pastor Peter Lunichkin of the Evangelical
Christian-Baptists. I told them it might be a good
idea to send someone to the seminar to see what was
happening. Everyone responded."
We all met at the library at 5 p.m. Almost 50 people
came to listen to the great disciples of the great
teacher. It was obvious they were all local
residents. The great disciples were two - Yuriy
Nikolaevich Kirillov and Igor Nokolaevich Egorov.
They began the readings. The first thing I noticed
was that Grabovoi's price had gone up 500 rubles, up
to 39,000. Here are some quotes without comment from
Kirillov, "39,500 rubles is symbolic of the 39th
kingdom, fifth measure;" "Grabovoi is all our
salvation, but not everybody knows that;" "Grabovoi,
like Christ, teaches us how to have power;" "there are
50 methods of resurrecting the dead, the 47th is the
most effective, and the worst is 19;" "from 1 to 10
September we administered to Beslan and beamed rays of
love to the terrorists, but the local residents
themselves were at fault: with their sympathy and
excitement they provoked what happened"...
Besides resurrection of the dead, there was much talk
about rejuvenating the living. They told about some
Japanese at 70 years of age who, thanks to Grobovoi's
methods, got so young so quickly, that the doctor was
afraid that he might turn into a child again.
"You ask me," said the speaker, "why I'm so old and
gray and not able to rejuvenate myself?" And then he
explained: it turns out that rejuvenation goes at a
1:3 ratio, for every three years they live they get
younger by one year.
The entire basis for this absurd theater was Bible
quotes, some distorted, some not, but generally out of
context with the Gospel itself. The words "as spoken
in Scripture" gave a sense of eminence and made the
"Write this down!" exclaimed the speaker. "At any
time any person can control any process, acting as the
Creator!" The ladies in the first row did what they
were told a hundred times before, and hustled to pull
out their notepads.
I raised my hand, "Tell me, please, Igor Nikolaevich,
you've quoted quite a bit of Gospel while speaking,
but as far as I know, Christ didn't take money for
preaching, healing or resurrection."
Egorov answered at length and incomprehensibly,
although I understood this phrase: "Money is the
highest concentration of energy." "Then oligarchs must
have the strongest esp!" I interrupted. The ladies in
the first row quieted down, but when I started quoting
Scripture, they began crying "Shut up!" "Sit down!"
"We're not listening to you!" "Go back to church,
nobody goes there!" Those rays of love were all gone.
The disciple Egorov decided to be polite and invite
me on stage. I continued to quote and Grabovoi's fans
continued to wail.
When the cries died down a little bit, Pastor Peter
Lunichkin got up and told a story about one
unfortunate couple whose child had died. They gave
Grabovoi all the money they had left to resurrect him.
The money was taken, but after the time elapsed, they
were told that the child's spirit did not want to be
resurrected. The end result was no child and no
money. After a couple of seconds the hall became
quiet, "So what, he could, but didn't want to!"
someone squealed, and the murmuring came back with
increased force.
According to Izvestiya's information, the North
Ossetia law enforcement agencies have already begun
investigating the sect's activity, but there's no
criminal case so far.
"We consider Grabovoi sect operations both a sacrilege
and a swindle," Alaniya Taimuraz Kesaev, the
Republic's minister of national affairs, told
Izvestiya, "and we will not tolerate it. We already
gave the appropriate instructions to the power
structures, who are looking into what kind of
organization this is. The Republic's children's
library has also done some work, and I don't think
this will repeat itself much. I'm also seriously
involved in gathering books, which I sit and read:
'School of Grigoriy Grabovoi. Reading exercises,' 'Our
meeting with Grabovoi' and 'Phenomenon of Grigoriy
Grabovoi.' A government religion commission is being
created, which is also involved in this. We very
sadly have come to find out, though, that current RF
law does not permit this problem to be effectively
counteracted. It wasn't until after Beslan that we
managed to find time to stem the flow of these sects.
We had no idea there was so many of them."
Grigoriy Petrovich Grabovoi speaks with the Kremlin.
While the first article was being prepared, Izvestiya
tried to get comments from Grigoriy Grabovoi himself,
but he was not accessible. So one of his disciples
commented on the promise to bring the children of
Beslan back from the dead. After the article
appeared, Grigoriy Grabovoi himself wanted to meet
with a correspondent from Izvestiya.
A woman from Grigoriy Grabovoi's offices called. She
said she was Alevtina Efimovna Shvyrkova and said she
was a declarant. As she explained this, a "declarant"
was a sort of apostle.
"We have five declarants: me, Viktor, Lyudmila, Inna
and Khalima Sardorovna," said the "declarant." "You
have incorrectly understood the teachings of Grigoriy
Petrovich Grabovoi. Come over, we will explain
everything to you."
The Grigoriy Petrovich Foundation is located on Trubna
Street. It takes up a whole floor in the new
"Inzhener" office center, definitely not the cheapest
place in the center of Moscow. "Declarant" Alevtina
Efimovna was standing outside the huge metal door,
smoking. She looked about 60. She said that thanks
to Grigoriy Grabovoi's teachings, she had recently
completely regained her health.
"I have read all the sacred books - the Bible, the
Koran, the Torah and the Bhagavad-gita - and all of a
sudden I discovered they all said one and the same
thing - in the Second Coming, Jesus Christ will be
called Grigoriy Petrovich Grabovoi."
"There is absolutely nothing about Grabovoi in the
"You just read it wrong. You have to be able to read.
You are very lucky. Grigoriy Petrovich Grabovoi
himself wants to meet with you."
We were sent to the reception area. With the
secretary sat a guard who would have been right at
home in the sports federation. It was obvious that
the guard was not a disciple of Grigoriy Petrovich.
The disciples were spellbound by a screen in back of
the guard. Words glimmered on the screen: "Lecture
Number 120, Terrorism prevention system, will be given
15 September 2004 from 7:11 p.m. to 8:34 p.m. in the
"Mir Kinotavra" movie center." Within the first 5
minutes of the lecture, I understood that I did not
understand anything. Grigoriy Petrovich used complex
terminology abundantly, he accumulated ideas without
finishing a single thought, and when he jumped to
another one, he would make a strange movement with his
right hand. He clenched and unclenched his hand, then
twiddled his fingers; it kind of looked like his hand
was trying to get away from him. He constantly kept
his hand on the screen. Later a psychologist friend
told me that this was a usual method of diverting
attention. A person who put more attention on the
hand would less critically comprehend what was being
"Why so long?" A girl who had come from Belorussia to
meet with Grabovoi suddenly woke up. She had some
papers in her hands.
"Grigory Petrovich Grabovoi is speaking with the
Kremlin," was the answer from Alexander Vadyutin,
Foundation staff member. The girl stared at the
screen again. The speaker's voice droned on
"All the 'Kursk' sailors were resurrected long ago."
In the audience was a tall thin man with a short,
light brown beard.
"Georgiy Stanislavovich Ryzhakov," Alevtina Efimovna
introduced him to me, "manages the Grigoriy Petrovich
Grabovoi Foundation."
"You helped us a lot with your article," Georgiy
Stanislavovich tried to say this sincerely, but not
very successfully. "Therefore we offer a contract for
you to sign to voluntarily distribute the teachings of
Grigoriy Petrovich Grabovoi. Here are the documents,
read them."
I read them. The contract reminded me of feudal law.
"In accordance with the current contract, I oblige
myself not to seek to: a) record in operating writings
about the implementation of work in the foundation, b)
paid vacation, c) compulsory social or medical
insurance." But the most amusing part of the document
to me was on the bottom of the folder: "Report to the
head of state of Grigoriy, Grigoriy Petrovich
Grabovoi. I request you grant me citizenship of the
state of Grigoriy." Exactly. What kind of state this
is explained on the adjacent page: "I, Grigoriy
Petrovich Grabovoi, proclaim the creation of the state
of Grigoriy, the basic goal of which is to present
universal salvation and prevention of potential global
catastrophe and threats to the entire world. The
continuous irremovable head of state of Grigoriy is I,
Grigoriy Petrovich Grabovoi." (GPG)
I replied Ryzhakov that nothing would be signed
because nothing deserved it. Still another hour to
wait. In order not to fall asleep with the television
going on like that, I spoke with Alevtina Efimovna.
As it turned out, she had also been able to resurrect
people. She had already done this for as many people
as there were on Trubna Street. She said all the
sailors on the Kursk submarine had already been
resurrected, but their relatives, who did not
recognize GPG teachings, had just not seen them yet.
At last the girl from Belorussia, beaming with
happiness, came from Grabovoi's office and it was my
"We have already resurrected millions."
It was a modest office, good furniture and in good
shape, but the walls were bare and no items of luxury
were in sight, no hot-line to the Kremlin. GPG, with
his right hand at the ready, did not rise much above
the table. Just as he opened his mouth, his right
hand began to twitch. Grabovoi spoke of interesting
things: how he worked in the president's
administration, the Security Council, the Federal
Security Office, Federal Counterintelligence and the
Civil Defense and Emergency Ministry; how Putin gave
him the "go ahead" in certifying his apparatus, which
turns earthquakes off; how he was friends with
Kazakhstan President Nazarbaev and also with the
Patriarch of Georgia; how the Orthodox Church in
general supported him; and how he scanned the status
of the president's jet in all the countries. Oh, and
the one who controlled Russia's nuclear system? That
was him, too. America had nuclear missiles pointed at
them, but he, Grabovoi, would see to them at the
proper time.
I asked Grabovoi, since he had things under control,
why he permitted the terrorist act in Beslan to
"That sort of situation happens. This is like the
time the two satellites vanished," Grabovoi explained
matter-of-factly, "and if they would have fallen to
Earth, then it would have been right on top of a
military base with nuclear weapons, and there would
have been a nuclear explosion. I didn't sleep for the
two days I was holding the satellite, and before I
knew it, Beslan happened. I could minimize the
consequences, but preventing it altogether was outside
of my power.
By the way, as far back as a year ago I offered the
government of North Ossetia a CD-ROM that would have
let them control the situation anywhere in the
Republic. If they would have taken it, none of this
would have happened. But they didn't want to. I have
a follower in Beslan, Yuriy Nikolaevich Kirillov, and
he told me that among the hostages was a woman, my
follower. She used my technology the whole time she
was in the school, so everyone within a radius of
three meters from her was save. She also.
After this, Grabovoi said that he was really Jesus
Christ in the Second Coming. He had always known
this, but when he talked about it publicly, the
Vatican sent him 4.5 volumes of evidence that he was
born of virgin birth. "I called Mom and I know that
she didn't tell me about this because she busy with
school." The Terrible Judgment is being canceled.
Life springs eternal. Everyone will be resurrected.
The matter of resurrection itself was simpler than
paring a turnip. Just remove the death event. "Trace
out the resurrection, take control, and everybody
lives." Resocialization after the resurrection is a
different matter. We already have millions of
resurrected people, but no law about their
"Don't they need papers and psychological
rehabilitation?" "Ridiculous! You think the people
working with us are illegal?" All the points of entry
into the country are controlled, but the number of
illegals continues to grow. That's because most of
them are not illegal, but resurrected people. "We saw
one guy who said 'Yes I know that I'm resurrected, but
it's easier for me just to be an illegal alien. I
just give the police a hundred rubles and move on. At
first I explained about the resurrection, but they put
me in a mental hospital.'"
I tried for a long time to find logic in Grabovoi's
words, and I found it. His logic is in a lack of
logic. He talks like his right hand fidgets. His
disciples are charmed not with meaning, but with
style. The secondary significance of his discourse is
more powerful than the primary. Using many scientific
terms and constant references to the powerful world
behind them, he jumps from topic to topic. When you
start to ask actual questions, two words will move the
conversation on the a higher sphere: "By the way, I
learned in the residence of - Patriarch Alexiy ..."
"However, we do all the work for the resurrection
strictly for free," Grabovoi stressed. "I have a
license that I grant my disciples, written in black
and white: 'All the work on resurrections is done free
of charge."
A literal legal course. Mavrodi, remember, also took
voluntary donations, rather than payments, from
"Did you send anybody into Beslan for missionary
purposes after the terrorist act?"
"No, no one. Maybe there was someone from Kirillov's
there. But for the purpose of helping people, not
making money. (Izvestiya note: it was Yuriy Kirillov
who appeared in Vladikavkaz promising resurrection for
39,500 rubles.)
When I turned off my cassette recorder and began to
excuse myself, GPG suddenly started to talk about some
"We can finance. We finance articles. In 2008 I
become President of Russia. Therefore we need
publication in the press now."
I asked to hear more about the presidency and turned
on the recorder again.
"This is my prediction - in 2008 I become President of
Russia. My predictions, especially about myself, come
true all the time. Many high officials of the Church
are preparing the announcement that I am Jesus Christ,
but I don't want that. You see, then I wouldn't have
any competition, and I want to win the election in a
fair fight. And I will win. Look here. I've already
founded the VDTGG Party (Volunteer Distributors of the
Teachings of Grigoriy Grabovoi.) Besides, you have
your pick of any post in the future government."
I made as if I had turned off the recorder. Grabovoi
turned back to the subject of money again.
"And what kind of sum are we talking about?" I tried
to look interested.
"How much? Well, 20 or 25 thousand."
"Of course ... You think ..."
Izvestiya will continue its investigation into the
activities of the sect of Grigoriy Grabovoi.


Date: 30 Jan 2005 15:31:09 -0800

"It is still preserved in an inaccessible region of the Vatican
library, and in the minds of the few old timers in the New York Sewer
Department who got to see it when it was discovered."