Human News
Doughnut trail leads cops to thief Baldin Pramer
Zundel to be deported to Germany Modemac
U.S. Supreme Court to decide on Internet file sharing Modemac
Pron for Intellectuals nerst7000
Microsoft Anti-spyware program is Spyware? Modemac
Chimps Chew Mans Face Off König Prüße, GfbAEV
Scientists discover genuine hobbit skull Modemac
US Troops shoot rescued Hostage Rev. Richard Skull
Syria Weighs Troop Pullback From Lebanon König Prüße, GfbAEV
Dumb ass kid tells cops on exotic dancer Weird Harold
Used to Be Shlomo! König Prüße, GfbAEV
Theres Hamburger All Over the Highway in Mystic, Connecticut König Prüße, GfbAEV
Russians Get Away With It For Now nu-monet v7.0
Man kills 4 yr old son, saves world from antichrist nu-monet v7.0
God Wants PoBuckers Dead nu-monet v7.0
Pipe Smoking Texan Attacks Wiccans nu-monet v7.0
Tuesday 3/15 is Hemp Night Pepperjack Pete
Bob Larson Down Under nu-monet v7.0
I do not take the steroids. They are bad. frater S.O.D.D.I.
Wedgie! König Prüße, GfbAEV
Hacking VNRs just john
Sales and marketing folks whine when PC users delete cookies Modemac
Yet another call to regulate Internet indecency Modemac
Benny Hinn sues NBC Dateline Modemac
Hollywood ignores insider movie piracy Modemac
Church condemns yet another Book.. Rev Ferox13
Smells Like Holy Spirit Legume
Brain Rebooter fenian dilludium q-36, Rlari.
Sir Peter Maxwell Davies and the Icelandic Whooping Swan on the Orkneys nu-monet v7.0
Tsunami II --- Japan ! stinkieshoes
Heavy metal ringtones HellPope Huey ThatWayWhenIGotHere@0700.not
Xtian Radio Host Nicked For Child Porn nu-monet v7.0
Calvary Chapel nenslo
Wouldnt you like to be a Nobel Nominee too? Unclaimed Mysteries
Pope Gregorio XVII, R.I.P. just john
Amazine Editorial Cartoon! Linus Minimax
Terri speaks! (..does Karoke with The Pope) blue water toiletsplash (mrs.)
Terri can swallow (PIC hURL) ubiquitous 7
Hobo Rag König Prüße, GfbAEV
Schiavo Death Getting Good Ratings Phin
Shark Attack Reporting on Rise Phin
Goanna Pulling Rev Chain Smerker
Chihuahua Terrorizes Ind. Postal Workers König Prüße, GfbAEV
Phuket Gets Phukked Again! König Prüße, GfbAEV
Major 8.2 Earthquake off Sumatra - Tsunami Act II ? Dick Hurtz
Slow News Day König Prüße, GfbAEV
Polish Drag Queens König Prüße, GfbAEV
Any relation to another Doug Smith we know? Rev. Richard Skull
It Is Truly The Golden Age of The Asshole Unclaimed Mysteries
70% of humans MUST DIE NOW !! Arne Saknussemm
Pope Using Nasal Feeding Tube König Prüße, GfbAEV
Another Stupid Criminal Story Rev Chain Smerker
Neighbors Wary as New Borg Walmart Prepares to Open Phin
Bag o Dogs König Prüße, GfbAEV
Terris Toast and now the Pope is on the rope! Rev. Shazbot tdurden667 AT hotmail DOT com