Human News
Shemp quits 8th Dwarf
Raelians name Eminem as honorary priest (Modemac)
Devil Sex! König Prüß, GfbAEV
Man Gets Extra Fingers and Toes Removed König Prüß, GfbAEV
CotSG: a joke religion nu-monet v7.0
big jesus nu-monet v7.0
Whale & Dolphin suicide pact! Rev Chain Smerker
UK goes pig-pleasuring LEGAL! nu-monet v7.0
Government approved kiddie porn Modemac
Somalis in Maine König Prüß, GfbAEV
Devastated König Prüß, GfbAEV
Vangs For The Memories asscoassc@aol.comsucks (AssCo Assc)
excremeditation as hooman right? nu-monet v7.0
Virgin Mary cheese sandwich on Ebay (Modemac)
WELL ITS DAMNED WELL ABOUT TIME HellPope Huey hulkturds@crappagammabrick.oww
Addiction to porn destroying lives, Senate told nu-monet v7.0
They hate us for our Freedoms! mshotz@aol.commonkeypo (Rev. Richard Skull)
Plagues of Locusts ape
lol lou douchez made the papers heathen
Kinsey König Prüß, GfbAEV
Pink Locusts From North Africa Swarm Through Cairo broad-bazooms
Glowing Protrusion König Prüß, GfbAEV
Yay, France! König Prüß, GfbAEV
When Elderly Attack! König Prüß, GfbAEV
Burro Shortage König Prüß, GfbAEV
The Goat Lab DrNerdware
The Road to Abu Ghraib - Redux polar bear
Add this to the list of why I am regretting moving to GA Priestess Pisces
Arafat is dead/not-dead/dead! (Modemac)
ARAFAT THREAD Cardinal Vertigo
Every Time Bush Wins, an Angel gets his wings! mshotz@aol.commonkeypo (Rev. Richard Skull)
And speaking of which Zapanaz
World Biz (Den Mu)
Im thinking...Xmas gift? iDRMRSR
Arafat is Schrodingers Cat!! (Lamus)
Im worried about polar bears... polar bear
Beheadings now on DVD uraniumbutt
I give Bob permission to bust my behind any way he sees fit. Jeff Spicoli
Secret Service cracks down on Dylan covers Cardinal Vertigo
death of a giant nu-monet v7.0
Peterson guilty nikko
Oh, the humanity! König Prüß, GfbAEV
Flames Engulf Mosque in Netherlands König Prüß, GfbAEV
Mt. Rainier and St. Helens gonna blow now for sure! iDRMRSR
Oh youll find it all right... iDRMRSR
Police Taser Children (Yada Yada Yada)
Game over dudes iDRMRSR
Sounds Like British Public School Zapanaz
UltraCON Job nu-monet v7.0
Fantastic Upside to Global Warming! iDRMRSR
13 hour days at EA (WAS: UltraCON Job) (The Rev. Dr. Lt. Chaos Israel)
gothic nu-monet v7.0
Did Microsoft include cracked pirated software in Windows XP? (Modemac)
Amerigun nu-monet v7.0
Mother Mary on a Cheese Sandwich! nu-monet v7.0
Yet another new copyright enforcement bill in Congress RogerM
24013 Mining the Web: Advanced eigenVector Search Method with Web Science
hURL: Hear Drunk Anna Nicole Smith on your computer! Lakisha Davis
Hear Drunk Anna Nicole Smith on your computer! Slack Master K.O.N.
MPAA to sue everybody like the RIAA nu-monet v7.0
Deeply disturbing, reality as sci-fi / horror Drifter Bob
Arafat brain dead ctlaltdel
rat brain cells in petri dish flies flight simulator Drifter Bob
French Intensive Care for Arafat iDRMRSR
Movie studios prepare to sue file uploaders (Modemac)
Beavis and Butthead Live nu-monet v7.0
Hole in One! König Prüß, GfbAEV
Arafat Stable! iDRMRSR
Knock! Knock! König Prüß, GfbAEV
Is everybody quiting/checking out Nov 30? iDRMRSR
Tarantino Happens nu-monet v7.0
Pipe smoking contest in Copenhagen Joel Rubin
Mad Shrimper on the Loose nu-monet v7.0
Vampire Monkeys! König Prüß, GfbAEV
Sudan Janjaweed König Prüß, GfbAEV