Yes, fellow Subgenii and those with money to waste on insane bulldada, the crew down here at Bob's Slacktime Funhouse have been working their highweird little selves overtime to bring you the following home-grown rants & hymns dedicated to the glory of "BOB" and his mighty church. Print this page, copy it and pass it around!

HARANGUE TIME - Rev. Dr. Nolan Voyde, the new co-host of Bob's Slacktime Funhouse, brings you fresh "BOB"-madness from the depths of his crippled id. Too raw for radio and too weird for your parents. The Voyde unchained!! All original, in stereo with sound fx. A full blown tour-de-farce!

A VOYDE IN THE AIRWAVES - The Best of Dr. Nolan Voyde, WREK radio's own own preceptor of Subgenius orthodoxy at his best on the air! Treasure these mad rants from Bob's Slacktime Funhouse Jan.-Sept. 1995. Stereo!!

LT. COL. (NOT HABITUAL, BUT BORDERLINE) WOLFBOY - The Fungang's own misanthrope semiyeti lycanthrope will be offering a tape soon! Watch this space!

REV. ROCK N' HAND - The Dirty Hand of "Bob" will soon be offering a tape of rants so hardcore they rival Dr. Voyde's for sheer intensity of Hate squared. Look for it!

THE OFFICIAL BOB'S SLACKTIME FUNHOUSE T-SHIRT - Own a piece of history, a very fashionable item that is guaranteed to scare off pinks. $12.00 (white)

All Cassetes are $5.00 a piece. Please include $1.00 postage per order. If you order more than one item it's still only $1.00. You will recieve the latest issue of the Bob's Slacktime Funhouse newsletter with your purchase. Send check, cash, or money order payable to:

2970 N. Fulton Dr. NE #25
Atlanta, GA 30305

We will be updating this catalogue and adding more, so check back in now and then!


Praise "BOB"!!!!

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