I wonder sometimes if we realize the responsibility we have in communicating with so many people, and the fact that we really can trick them into making themselves better people.

Here enters the concept of the Con's primary & secondary programs. The primary program is, of course, work `til you die. Most of the Subs I've met are united in reviling that program & reject it out of hand. They use Church concepts and language to support and justify their Con-hatin,' drug-takin' anti-labor philosophy, and that's a good first step, but if that's the only step they take, it's just another brand of False Slack. If they use the Church as nothing but a new way of bitching about how life sucks and they're being screwed, if they live badly and use holy drugs only to kill the inner pain, then they are simply living the Con's plan B: suffer in poverty. I mean a poverty of the spirit, spending all their time starving in garrets, grubbing for drug money, stocking up on ammo and looking at their fears through a magnifying glass so they can't see anything else.

Busting people out of the iron grip of slavery is one of the most noble aims on earth, but once you get them out of their external bondage the hard work starts: getting them to take off their brain-chains.

The first step in any system is self-acceptance, and the idea of justifying your own sins is perfect for that. Nobody can make any progress toward not being miserable as long as they obey the Con's Rule #1: Hate Yourself. To simply justify and excuse one's actions and then to keep doing them, without even thinking about them, puts one right into the secondary program.

Primary Program:

Work `til you die

98% of Humanity

Material benefits through development of products, warfare, etc.

Secondary Program:

Reject all parts of primary program, good or bad, and


1.9 % of Humanity.

Social benefits through development of philosophy, art and literature

"Tertiary Program"

Not part of the Oppression Plan.

Synthesizes the positive points of both programs, rejects both slavery and self-destruction

.1% of Humanity or less, yet these are the ones entirely responsible for all human progress toward a Utopian Ideal

The Con's programs operate, of course, by keeping us from thinking about what we're doing. Action without thought is a prime requirement for fulfilling the Conspiracy's demands.

Example of programmed thought: Drugs and Weather. Drug use is a very sensitive issue and the third way of thought is indignantly rejected by basic programs. Program #1 says: Drug use is bad. Don't do it. Program #2 says: Fuck you! Drug use is good, do it as much as you can! Program #3 says: Using drugs badly, or daily without progress or learning, is worse than never doing it at all. Program #1 non-user can only talk about the weather. Program #2 user can only talk about the weather in terms of their drug use. Program #3 wise user talks about the weather & drugs in terms of the benefits received from both.

The Con is using its Program 2 dupes to mock out Tilton now, all the more tragic because he did what criminals Bakker and Swaggart never could: he used Program #1, straight-across Conspiracy programing, to kick Pink work-drones out of their death-rut without putting them in a reactive Program 2 zombie cult of fear & hate. The sorry thing is that he wasn't Program 3 enough Not To React, and ended up playing their game.

Look at those poor nitwits who let their public careers as political or religious figures be ruined by something as silly as sex. They stupidly lie and get caught as not only dishonest, but not even good at being dishonest, where the dink could have come out way ahead, or at least gone down with a little self-respect, if he'd simply said "Yeah, I did it! What do you think I am, stupid? Look at this gal!!"

What does all this have to do with the 3 programs? Simply this - they are all important and necessary, and any of them can be used for fun and profit.

Of course the final secret of Master Control is that all of the programs are necessary. We need millions of Con dupes to slave for us, we need freaked out Bobbies to get arrested for unbelievable dead-dog-beating acts so we can be safely weird, we need to be silent evolutionary overlords benefiting from the entire system and controlling it, by example!


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