Collecting Mail For The Coming Anti-Christ

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Collecting Mail For The Coming Anti-Christ

Isaiah contains 66 (7x7+17) chapters, three of the chapters are six
verses long: chapters 4, 12 and 20 each contain 6 verses while 4 plus 12
plus 20 adds to 36 or 6x6. I predict that Isaiah 4:1 is about the coming
Anti-Christ and his 7 wives... it is Bible chapter 683 (666+117).

Book 3x3x3 contains 3x3x3x30 verses. Book 3 contains 3x3x3 chapters and
3x3x3x3x3x3+130 verses and brings the Bible chapter count up to 3x3x13
(dont worry about those 13s). Chapter 13 contains 59 verses, the 17th
prime (its the only chapter in the Old Testament to contain 59 verses).
This chapter 13 is chapter 103 and brings the Bible verse count up to
3112, more interesting considering that the 13th chapter to contain 13
verses is chapter 557 and this 3112 is 666+666+666+557+557. This number
557 is most special: take the numbers 1 through 557 and break them down
into their digit components so that 557 becomes 5, 5 and 7. The number 7
is repeated 106 times and these 106 7s are in positions adding to 77770.
Then break down these 106 digit positions in to their digits and see that
there are 351 (117+117+117) digits and that these digits add to 1117, the
187th prime. It is all the more interesting considering that Psalm 106 is
the 17th chapter in the 4th sub-Book of Psalms. I have developed software
that will do the manipulations for you. Again, dont worry about the
number 13, it was 13 times that the Jews marched around Jericho, once a
day for 6 days and then 7 times on the 7th day... and then walls came
tumblink down.

The Pentateuch contains 5852 verses and this can be expressed as
17x7x7x7+7+7+7 (see the seven 7s). Genesis 1533 can be expressed as
17x70+7x7x7 or 707+707+7x17. It is 777+777 minus 21 and is also 21 short
of 7x222, interesting as Ecclesiastes is Book 21 with 222 verses. Exodus
1213 is 7x17 short of 666+666 and is also (17+17)x(17+17)+57. Book 4,
Numbers, contains 1288 or 400+400+400+44+44 verses, it is 44 short of
3x444 or 666+666.

Book 61 is special as it contains 61 verses, it is the only Book with
such an agreement. Book 1 contains 1533 verses, Book 66 contains 404
verses. So Book first, plus Book last, plus Book special totals
666+666+666 verses. Job is Book 18 with 1070 verses while Revelation is
Book 66 with 404 verses. Book 6+6+6 minus Book 66 is 666. If you dont
like it you can always pray about it. If you have a nubile daughter, send
her picture in mama as she might become a Queen, like Esther... in Book 17.

I have an interest in numbers and I am collecting mail for the
Anti-Christ, when he comes he can see my research and collect his mail. I
predict Isaiah 4:1 is about the coming Anti-Christ and his 7 wives, and
that he is goink to appreciate my efforts of collecting photographs of
nubile sweeties for him from around the world, and furthermore I predict
that he is goink to be a really nice guy (probababbly). But it is possible
that the Anti-Christ will be suspicious of the intentions of red-headed
women, so please insure that any photographs of red-headed women are in
color so as not to deceive the coming Anti-Christ. Not a good thing for
you to be doink is to be goink and deceiving the coming Anti-Christ. Maybe
you should be goink so far as to write in bold red letters on the outside
of the envelope RED as a warning that the envelope contains a picture of
a red-headed woman. Furthermore there might be a lot of photographs coming
in and it may be difficult for your photograph to catch the attention of
the coming Anti-Christ. And in some cultures it is permitted for a woman
to show off her breasts, if you are a nubile sweety and are wanting to
marry the Anti-Christ so that you can become one of his 7 Queens (maybe 17
Queens if we can dig up another Isaiah manuscript) then you might consider
showing off your breasts in the photograph to insure that you are noticed,
and I think that I have the Spirit of The Lord with me when I say that (1
Cor 7:40). There is nothing in Scripture saying that a woman has to cover
her breasts, and if men in society are allowed to display their chests,
then women probababbly should be allowed the same freedom as men.

it is such a sad commentary on the state of the world today for me to have
to suggest that you show off your breasts in order for you to catch the
coming Anti-Christs attention. And dont be shy or embarrassed if you are
small breasted as he might even prefer small breasted women.

Do not e-mail the coming Anti-Christ using my internet account as the
people at the U of S may not be happy if I were to utilize their
facilities to collect mail for the coming Anti-Christ, and besides, what
we are wanting are real photographs to be mailed anyway. Please dont be
goink and doink anything to make me lose my internet account, if you dont
like what you have read then I suggest that you simply dont read it. If
you want to become a Queen, like Esther in Book 17, then you should send
that picture off in a hurry to The Coming Anti-Christ care of Daryl
Shawn Kabatoff at Box 7134 (7117+17) Saskatoon Saskatchewan Canada (27
letters, rather reminding me of Daniel) S7K 4J1. My great grandmother was
married at age 13 so if you are a mama quickly send those pictures of your
daughters to me. Your tradition is to bow to and decorate trees and
whoreship on Sunday, the Roman Catholic Sabbath, and perhaps even pray to
Mary, the coming Anti-Christ may have tradition as well, maybe his
grandparents or great grandparents were married at age 13 as well and this
is tradition in his family that he wants to follow... so I encourage young
women as young as 13 to send in their photographs for the coming
Anti-Christ to see. Just think, you might become a Queen, like Esther in
Book 17, at the age of 13 (again, dont worry about the number 13). Maybe
have your mama sign the back of the photograph if you are showing off your
tiny breasts. Trust me with his mail (would I be so foolish as to screw
with the Anti-Christs mail???). Trust me. Remember, my intentions are
(all) most honorable. I risk the wrath of the coming Anti-Christ as Im
goink to burn all of the pictures of fat women showing off their fat
breasts. I am taking a big chance with my life, like Daniel.

"For behold, I am sending among you serpents, adders which cannot be
charmed, and they shall bite you," says the Lord.
-Jeremiah 8:17, Bible verse 19170.
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