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Date: 27 Apr 1995 23:24:26 GMT

I did not write this but picked it up off of alt.dreams here it is:

How can I begin to describe my dream? I can never remember dreams in
general and this is what made this particular dream so frightening. In the
morning, I recalled every detail as clearly as if I was reading it off the pages of a
book. The details have persisted in my mind since.

The dream had a dark, shadowy atmosphere with a pervading sense of evil. I
clearly recall the sound of laughter which provided a stark contrast to the
eerie atmosphere. As I stood in the darkness, numbers began appearing in
the distance, faint at first but growing brighter as they approached. I
remember thinking about the film "Omen" and the numbers "666". Suddenly I
could distinguish the approaching numbers clearly - 666. A chill ran
through me but I couldn't understand the significance. As I stood in the
cold darkness, a subliminal voice spoke the following words "Beware -
Internet". I started falling, rolling over sharp rocks with the glowing
numbers somehow following me and, strangely, always appearing upright. I
awoke with a shudder which startled my wife, sleeping next to me. Whilst
explaining my dream, thought ocurred to me to analyse the word "INTERNET"
using the classical numerology methods, reducing the numbers to a single
digit. The analysis comprised the three numerological methods - addition,
subtraction and reduction. The following is presented with no comment
except to note that the number "666" is described in the New Testament as belonging
to, shall we say, an unwholesome beast of dubious origin. Here is the analysis;

I is the 9th letter of the alphabet
N is the 14th letter
T is the 20th letter
E is the 5th letter
R is the 18th letter
N is the 14th letter
E is the 5th letter
T is the 20th letter
Using addition;

9+14+20+5+18+14+5+20 = 105 = 1+0+5 = 6

Using subtraction;

9-14-20-5-18-14-5-20 = -87 = 8+7 = 15 = 5+1 = 6

Using reduction;

9+(1+4)+2+5+(1+8)+(1+4)+5+2 = 42 = 4+2 = 6

So, hereis. I might add that writing this dream up presented all sorts of
problems with the computer crashing three times and the modem cutting out.

I am presently rushing to finish off this segment before anything else
occurs. Just think about the power of Internet and consider the concept in
philosophical terms. I feel the message of my dream may turn out to be very

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