A message from Commander Ashtar

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Date: 23 Apr 1995 02:36:12 GMT

Here's a file from a CD-ROM that I have. It's a message from
Commander Ashtar -- he's a "walk-in" if you know what that is.
Actually, last night's repeat of X-files they mentioned the
term. Did you know that one of the "heresies" in early Christianity
was that Jesus was a "walk-in." Yep. JHVH-1 just evicted the
spirit of the man who was using Jesus's body and he (JHVH) took
it over for himself.

Oh. If you want to read MORE Commander Ashtar stuff and alot of
OTHER s~t~r~a~n~g~e "New Age" wierdness, get a copy of Connections

[begin included material]

Because so many of you feel that the Asteroid is of great
importance and consequence: updates about it are being listed
here. Along with future information on topics causing concern.

Eric Klein of California verified its existence through
Ashtar about the middle of October. Information about reaching
him for some great channeled tapes can be found in the Reviews

Cmdr. Omshati, your New England Commander, also confirmed in
October that the asteroid was coming in during Nov. and that it
would not effect the northeastern coastline. Bimonthly Newslet-
ter subscribers can request his phone # from us.

Cmdr. Kortron received from "Spirit" that the carrier beam
which was controlling the trajectory of this object has been
taken off. It is still coming and will effect southern Florida,
the Bermuda Triangle and the east coast of South America. Tidal
waves are likely to effect these areas. Possible impact time -
third week in Nov. (received late Oct/90).

Jean Peterson of Castle Rock, Colorado, in an Ashtar commu-
nique in early Oct. puts all Light workers are on Alert. All
must be ready to do their jobs when called. No exceptions.

Kortron, Jean and others sat in on two war briefing councils
on the ships in Sept. and early Oct. This was later confirmed in
the physical when Jean and Kortron had a phone conversation about
this. We will add her literature along with some news from Ka-
Ra/Kay and El-Ect-Ra in Texas - KORTRON

Jean Peterson
Messenger - Ashtar Command

A L E R T! A L L E A R T H V O L U N T E E R S

Ashtar command Transmission - September 20, 1990

Greetings, My Friends, I am Ashtar.

Peer into the looking glass of time, and for a moment, select an
episode of mankind's history, which matches your current earth
manifestation of world history. Look particularly at the era of
the Second World War. You personally know peoples, or were
yourselves, living in that time/space of earth history (1939-45).
Does the energy currently being expended in the Middle East
remind you of those times when man banded together to wipe from
the face of the earth one they called the annihilator of human
dignity - that one known as Hitler?

I tell you truly, my friends, the situation still is volatile in
the land of the Master's birth. The fingers upon the buttons of
war grow restless. In that situation, it takes only one well-
placed incidence to trigger a war of great magnitude, and ramifi-
cations untold.

Your American president rides the winds of change, and this he
knows. Through our emissaries on earth, we have contacted the
heads of the American government, and have talked with them face-
to-face in conference. They do not report such to you, the
American peoples, for indeed that would "blow their cover," so to
speak, that we exist in the first place. Still they do not wish
to compromise by creating peace and equality for all earthmen.
Still they wish to maintain power for each individual self who
has scrambled up the ladder of power and governmental success.
It saddens us greatly that man will not take the reigns of higher
truth, and create peace and equality upon earth.

We have sat long in the councils of higher light deciding how we
may assist those of man who wish to project their energy forward
into levels of light, which will create peace on earth. We have
long stood in line with you, our co-workers on earth, waiting for
the day to arrive when your earthen brothers will awaken from
their eons of sleep.

Now the decision has been made. I tell you - at the first sign
of nuclear war, we will assist in attaining your freedom by
intervening into your dimension. The Ashtar Command now sends a
wave of communication into the ethers of your world that we are
on stand-by alert. And all those brothers of Light who have
volunteered to stand with us in earth's current evolutionary
pattern into change point energy (ascension) are at the ready,
waiting for my command to move in a wave of human-form energy
into your dimension. I repeat, we are On Alert.

To our co-workers on earth, we send the fiat of our love. We ask
that you ready yourselves for immediate action upon my command.
For you have volunteered, and the time is at hand. Therefore, I
command that you stand ready for battle! Our battle command is
not one of violence. We bring, instead, the Sword of Peace.

In order to focus the attention of earth leaders, we will display
our sovereignty over all earth weaponry. However, there will not
be a "shot fired which will be heard round the world." For we
will maintain order and peace on earth until such time you may
govern yourselves in peace and gratitude to the Heavenly Father
for sustaining your life force.

I tell you we are on Alert! And we pledge our continued efforts
to assist in creating peace without intervention. If earth
leaders do not manifest peace soon, and the trigger should be
pulled by earthmen, I repeat, we will intervene.

I am Ashtar, Commander of the fleets of The Brotherhood of Light.
I take charge of earth evolution from this point onward, and any
decision to create or maintain nuclear war will have myself and
my entire fleets to face. I repeat we will maintain peace on
earth, as we have been commissioned by the Father to assist in
earthmen's creation of such. We come in peace, but we have
waited long as earthmen have lingered in their own waste and
density of self-imposed imprisonment. We now stand ready to
project our energy into your dimension at the first provocation
in the Middle East lands of your time.

Earth volunteers - stand ready. For now you may, at any moment,
be called upon to fulfill your commitments to the Ashtar Command
and to the Heavenly Father. Ashtar out!

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