"Bob" is a rock?

Date: Wed, Dec 14, 1994 10:02 PM CST
From: Anistasia
To: DentalFlaw, Nova Blue, BluesHarpt, Voodoo Joe, Trident23, Batrix,
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It's interesting how the government's small-minded plans of
deceiving the American people can often backfire in surprising ways. In
the late 1940's through the mid-1950's, there were a number of "UFO"
sightings and various crash sites which many people witnessed before
military thugs closed off areas and carted away debris. The idea that
these were UFOs was encouraged by the government.

These "visitors" were often failed Soviet satillites -- as crude early
propulsion systems and bad design caused them to fall back to earth
prematurely... and not everything burns up in reentry. International law
demands that fallen space objects be returned to the country which sent them
up in the first place. America didn't want to return these military
secrets, so calling them UFOs played right into the government's hands.

Unfortunately, there actually were unexplained extraterrestrial contacts
going on concurrently. Many times both the Soviet and American air forces
would race to the skies when groups of unknown ships would streak across
Europe at speeds which could only be achieved by intercontinental ballistic
missiles. The major reason the notorious "red phone" was hooked up between
the White House and the Kremlin was to verify whether these objects were
the start of World War Three... or just some more playful saucers.

The saucers, and their pilots, have proven to be less than playful however.

By the way, our nuclear testing policy has always been linked to bizarre
winds in international relations.

There are many enormous questions and problems in the world, and many could
be classified as conspiratorial. But the saving grace of the situation is
that large conspiracies are often fragile and misguided. Individuals who
choose to act as catalysts for change... acting from the bottom up...
throwing stones at glass houses... and (as John Lennon said so well)
becoming "spanards in the works" can make the machine topple.
Free will and courage are the most effective weapons against tyranny,
wherever it comes from.

So tell me more about yourself. Do you participate in the human struggle,
or are you in a research mode at present? Where are you? Who are you?
Will you join us on the front lines?

- end -

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