New FRANCIS E. DEC Fragment??

The below text purports to be a Francis Dec fragment. I never fully believe anything I find on the Internet, but there is a chance it is genuine.

(This has been determined to be a hoax. Sorry. -- ye ed)

>Jimmy Carter the scribble-print yokel felon "warmed-over McGovern", in with
the controlling Georgia Mafia and all the parroting puppet Governors, Congressmen, man, many, Mayors ETC. have my eight pg typewritten letter, which includes this Communist gangster Computer God Expose' and even pages explaining some of the many, many "Undetectable Extermination" attempts against me by this worse mongrel gangster Communist police State. Ask them for copies of my said letter to them. As Communist Gangster Computer God ANOINTED UNTOUCHABLES, insidious sneak deadly gangsters, STAGED CON ARTIST PARROTING PUPPETS, figure heads, hags and playboys (EVEN APOIDIC WHORES) deadly enemies of the Human Race, because of my letters, in COWARDLY TERROR, feloniously, they watch my Frankenstein Eyesight Television playback, waiting for my "Undetectable Extermination." I face the deadly insidious INEVITABILITY OF GRADUALNESS CONSPIRACY. Completely alone and isolated, waiting for my "UNDETECTABLE EXTERMINATION." I very seldom venture out to one of the four last PLEBIAN supermarkets left in this GIGANTIC Whore infested boarded-up ghost town. We already have a C. God TOP SECRET DUAL FOOD STANDARD. INFERIOR DEGENERATE PLEBIAN MASSES VEGETABLES AND FOODS FOR THE SCUM, WHOLESOME NORMAL VEGETABLES AND FOODS. I hide STARVING AND BEGGING for even incomplete and late delivery of PLEBIAN especially picked, secretly coded inferior seriously degenerative Comp. God UNBELIEVABLY AND SCIENTIFICALLY GENETICALLY ENGINEERED HYBRID PROTEIN POISONING CEREALS AN PULP HYBRID HORSE RADISH GREEN VEGETABLES for my vegetarian diet.
Unbelievably innocent and worse then defenseless, I have NO Gangster Frankenstein Earphone Radio. Only the impossible a Real can Save me. Parroting puppet gangster Slave, if you believe in Anything? I beg you say one word of pray for me. For your Only Hope for a Future. --Francis E. Dec, Esquire<

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