The False Profit's Bybel


From: (R.REVV.ED)

I found this little gem on and have posted all 14
chapters on alt.binaries.slack and alt.binaries.misc.

The book is 717K of standard text and is a KILLER rant on many topics
including satan,bill gates,sex,religion,cyberpunkdom etc. etc.
and even more etc. etc.

Highly recommended for ranters of every stripe!

I am including the intro in this message to give you the delicious flavor!

SPAT upon the WIRES by:The Right Reverend Ed <R.REVV.ED>
Elder Elder of the Pegram,Tennessee SOLO CLENCH "Bob" IS Dobbs!

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::: intro follows ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

| The False Profit's Buy-Belle. |
| ( The False Prophet's Bible. ) |
| A spoof on the Bible's book of Revelation |
| for cyberpunk computerphiles, 14 Chapters. |
| By Philip Ian Heggie. |
| Rev. 7.30 |
| Cher-ware Licence Agreement. |
| Copyright April 1995 |
| Doh nay shun of $oul or $10 ( Shareware ) |
| to the church of fawny case shone requested, no obligation. |
| A skits so friend Nicks in core poor rated production. |
| Run by a sigh burr pun-k Profit of Doom stoop id it He deem on. |
| Sue see Wongs layed he in read church of ay Tsar- the bare. The |
| `em purr raw with know clothes. Heir he see's due OOPs of old. |
| A Signs fixshun rock he hoh raw pitsure show generated by a VIC 20 |
| Philip Ian Heggie |
| 65 Robinsons Road Frankston |
| Victoria Australia 3199. |
| Internet: |
| Subliminal mesmer making playing old buy bell belt records obsolete |
| Son tan causes can sir which brings on say tan. Lawed of Laweds. |


Phonetic embeds are a linguistic phenomenon where words are
embedded inside another word in such away that no one could
deny that they are there. However few would admit that they
could influence behaviour, but sometimes the subliminal
meaning does make sense, and does reinforce and give
strength to the surface meaning. This book demonstrates by
example numerous phonetic embeds that are culturally common
to educated, English speaking westerners. However I know of
no research done on my phonetic embed theory, so it is
currently mere conjecture.

For Cyberpunks phonetic embedding techniques such as word
splitting could be used as a text virus which `drugs'
language to enhance fantasies to give an LSD type feel to
natural language driven sensory database programs, written
for virtual reality role games. This would make each game a
unique experience but with the added bonus a program could
record and playback that exact same sensory experience. Lets
get down to some examples of phonetic embeds which can
simulate a drug induced psychosis. A computer would need to
use an analogue to digital converter to convert spoken or
sung words into phoneme data which the computer converts to
groups of letters then re-groups those letters into new words
picked from it's dictionary of synonyms to form phonetic
embeds and then generate images and other sensory output to
match the generated phonetic embeds using a very powerful
database. This gives the program a poetic feel that is a
aesthetically, pleasing experience to the user. Incorporated
with rules of lateral thinking like `random juxtaposition'
expounded by author Doctor Edward De Bono, and you'd have a
versatile, virtual reality, creativity machine. In any case
each word you speak to your computer could easily generate an
alternative subliminal reality experience you may never have
been able to experience at the surface level before. For
example you could say the word `scintillating' into the
microphone and the computer might translate it to `sin-till-
late-ting' with visual and auditory symbols generated to
match. Perhaps in virtual reality you'd be stealing a cash
register, late at night as it tings. Perhaps this game could
be called `Psycho babble-on'. Some examples of phonetic
embeds follow.

Take the Ku Klux Klan ( coup clucks clan ) for example. Coup
in this context sounds like it's referring to chickens
however it could mean a clan who enjoy discussing a plan for
a political coup. Also their uniform makes them look like
stalagmite icicle men. The stalagmite has a phonetic embed
stalag-might an image of a Nazi concentration camp. Icicle
has a phonetic embed I-sickle which reinforces the image of a
hooded grim reaper figure. Hitler has a phonetic embed of
hit-lure. His book Mein Kampf has phonetic embed my-en(d)
camp that is concentration camp built into it. These cults
are very potent and should be avoided, they use very powerful

Believers in the bible have a phonetic embed buy-bell.
Nearly every church building priest has bought a bell for
their church. However it is traditional so this is open to
skepticism. Central to the book of Revelation is the letters
sent to the seven churches of Asia. A phonetic embed of
Revelation is revel-asian, so the significance of the letters
is reinforced by this. Revelation is also revel-lay-shun
The book is a revel if you remain a virgin, and the pits if
your promiscuous.

Hatred of the Soviets was followed by the Vietnam war. So-
Viet is the phonetic embed of Soviet. America has a long
history of fighting reds. Red skins, red uniformed British,
and communists. Americans love Hollywood movies especially
comedies. The phonetic embed of American is a-merry-can
perhaps a can of film, and America loves `a merry car' chase
in just about every movie.

The power of Eastern religions is attributed to being at
one with the universe. The phonetic embed of one is won and
everybody loves a winner don't they. The orange people's
Bhagwan phonetic embed bag-won implies he has packaged
being at One with god. People say words can hypnotise you.
The phonetic embed of word is whirred and everybody knows a
whirl will get you giddy and give you another state of
consciousness. So will chanting any word often called a
mantra. A mantra has a phonetic embed man-trois
symbolically implying the Father Son and holy ghost so
explains the religious hook in for christian westerners to
these cults. Incidently hypnotize has a phonetic embed
hip-know-ties or hip-no-ties so is perceived as a
psychosexual relaxant.

Negro has a phonetic embed knee-grow. Black has blah-lack
embedded in it so feeds prejudice unless counteracted with
logic. The terms combined Knee-grow and rod-knee king
seem to provide a very potent drop. The knees bashed by rods
would grow from swelling inflicted by the `king's' men. Also
Martin Luther King was a highly regarded freedom fighter who
shares the same surname and to rod the Afro-Americans king is
very damaging. It had such an emotionally degrading impact on
Afro-Americans in the first Rodney King bashing trial so as
to cause massive rioting.

Jews have the phonetic embed dues in it, so perhaps people
who don't like to pay their dues often display quite
irrational prejudice againt these people. Rabbi has the
phonetic embed Ra-bye which symbolizes as in the Passover
celebration the freeing of the Jews from Egyptian rule,
signified by the Egyptian sun god Ra.

Scientology followers always like to give questionaire's to
sign. Their phonetic embed is sign-to-log-(h)e. They like
you to sign up for courses and like to log your performance
with galvanic skin responce meters to monitor skin
resistance to register anxiety levels, called biofeedback.
Phonetic embed of this is buy-owe-feed-back. They are of
course very good at extracting money out of people.

Vernon Howell is reported to have smacked todlers bare
backsides across his knees for up to forty minutes
continuously and the phonetic embed Vern on howl confirms
this strange obsession. He wrote a letter a wedding
invitation of the Lamb invitation to churches. It contained
some extractions from the book of revelation.

Branch Davidian Cult leader's LETTER 30 Jan 1987:-
I have seven eyes and seven horns. My name is the whirred of
God, and I ride on a white, horse. I am here on earth to give
you the Seventh Angel's message. I have ascended from the
east with the seal of the liveing god. My name is Cyrus, and
I am here to destroy Babylon. I have come in a way that is
contrary to preconceived ideas. I will reprove you for your
world loving.

I will scould your daughters for their nakedness and pride
that they parade in my Father's house, and by my angels I
will strip them naked before all eyes because of their
foolish pride. The young men will abuse my kindness. They
will take my life but I will arise and take theirs forever
more. Your minister's will lament your foolishness. Your lost
flock will tear you to pieces. PREPARE TO MEET THY GOD.
David Koeresh
(Vernon Howell)

Phonetic embeds decoding of the above letter:-
I have seven I's ( multiple personalities ), and seven horns
( is a sex maniac ). My name is the whirred of God, and I
ride on a white ( girl ), hoarse ( sore from preaching
endlessly ). I am here on earth to give you the Seventh
Angel's mess-age. I have a send ed' from the east with the
seal of the live in god. My name is Sire-us ( fathers many
children to many wives ), and I am here to destroy, babble-
on. I have come in a way that is contrary to pre-con-seaved
ideas. I will reprove you for your whirled love-in. (
planned orgy )

I will scald ( burn ) your daughters for their naked Ness and
pride that they Pa-raid in my Father's house, and by my
angels I will strip them naked before all eyes because of
their foolish pride. The young men will abuse my kind Ness.
They will take my life, but I will arise and take theirs
forever moar. ( dead and buried ) Your Ministers will Lamb-
meant your foolish Ness. Your lost flock will tear ( cry )
you to peace-heirs. PREPARE TO MEET THIGH GOD. "

The book that follows Babble-on the haw of haws, is
fictitious but explains how easy the book of Revelation is
open to interpretation as it gives by way of comic example
many concepts that can be read into a poetic discourse.
Chapter 4 shows many phonetic embedded ideas. Chapter 10
shows a phonetic embed decoding of the number of the beast
666. A religion is more dynamic than people realise, and new
technology and concepts will cause a re-interpretation of the
book of revelations in ways that are only limited by human
creativity. Phonetic embeds show how suggestible people are,
and it's through hooking people in with ideas that `sound
right' that brainwashing cultists begin to exploit people.
The most dangerous cults use their propaganda to destroy
people's faith in their family, friends and community so the
person becomes totally dependant on the cult for survival.
Once this has happened lots of support and isolation from the
cult while deprogramming is probably the best solution. I
hope these ideas help in cult analysis. Remember all false
prophets mesmerise and dupe their marks that is brainwash
them, but the world still hasn't come to an end, and the book
of revelations is a very rich poetic recipe book for
disaster, open to many interpretations that still hasn't come
off, maybe it never will. A recipe that is followed to the
letter is merely someone blindly following instructions of a
psychological, self induced, self-fulfilling prophecy.

For example the Prints of Piece conspiracy:-
The Rothchild's Jew P.I.N. numbers are on the bank cards

(1) Bank card |||
||| \\\ = 666

(2) American Express. The Verge in Mayor-He's `A-Mary-can X-
press' branding iron.

(3) VISA card. The Visa travel card of V-Csar mark of the 666

(4) Diners card. The Die-nah card P.I.N. number needed to
stay alive.

(5) Maestro Cirrus card. Cyrus destroyer of Babylon.

(6) The Master card of Geesus overlooking RIO, the Mars stir
God of the war of wars.

The Wrath-child's Prints of Piece conspiracy of Treat-T's
with it's T looking like a crucifying drawing PIN for drawing
from your bank account, tells you the Mark is for the Yen of
fornicating Rue-belles and doll-ahhs to be received by a
Pound in your right hand or it's image of the Decimal headed
beast in your full frontal lobe. Who ever receives it's
image in right hand or forehead shall not Pa take in
everlasting life sayeth the Lawed. We are all mortals, even
Jesus who is watching you, He's not a voyeur but He's a
watcher true.

I am the subliminal false prophet `I sigh ah' Jew-P.I.N. the
masses with messmerising whirreds that come out of the mouth
of the beast. Remember Rothschild's money is lent. Sigh-
lents of the Lamb's is full of buff-a-low bills. It's Hot
Heir, certainly not Luke warm. That dis-hype-hell is stone
cold, dead and buried.

And Madonna rules OK.
The gos spells trance formed a Mary car pent her into mad on
aghhh who is like a verge in with Joe's `F'. And baby Gee-sus
was the Him act you late conception, how ex-straw din Heir He
was He to be scar spanned and dangled in your star spangled
banner. A Mary car found He rot ick car knew your awk is bab
belle on the shadow mask great haw of haws, mother of hah-
lots, she hip know ties you with her smile. Now She wants to
put you in a trance He rot ick aghhhhh.

I'm the subliminal False Prophet `I sigh ah' messmerising the
masses. Look out for my lightning flash from the Lamb of
Light. Gee-sus Baa arc is worse than His byte. It's a bow
wow! Rough, rough, if I give you a slug from my pit bull God,
remember my sign says `Beware of the God'. How much is that
God ee in the wind owe oh I do hope that God ee's for sail. I
bring His whirred fire down from the sky as oft as I like.
My pow whirr comes from the Lamb, born by His billions of
crosses carrying power from the whirrled's bottomless pits.
Remember ELECT_TRICK Light was invented by doubting Thomas
`HEAD_IS_SON.' And there shall be great KNEE_ON signs from
the false prophet using phone Net ick embeds to messmerise
the masses.

Your brain waves sin chron eyes sing with the flash of knee
on Lights, hit the night and echoed in the wells of sigh-
Lents of the Lamb's sigh Co. paths pea tea why limited. And
the people bowed and preyed to the knee on god they made.
And listened to the sounds of sigh-Lents. A lit-tell sign
from the dis-hype-hell poor-all Simon, and art gah funk hell
leaving their mark on ten aghhh meant war alls. Their mark
on the ten headed sit-He beast is of course for knee case

Further applications include sort of telling the near


God rules with every word having the phonic harmony of a
mathematical for-He-err trance form. Made up of fun Da
mental and harmonic sign waves just ask a mathematician what
a Fourier transform is. It is simply that any repetitive
wave is made up of a fundamental sine wave with harmonic
sine waves added at different energy strengths for example
voltage which is a measure of energy per charge in
electronics. An example of a intelligent phonic fourier
transform follows:-

On Channel 9's Sunday show on Sunday the 25th of September
1994 in Sydney Australia, was a segment about a US Senator
plus media film can bearer, rug be raiders team scoring a
win against child slavery run by `can't err bury' bull dog
bosses in India. The bosses run woven rug be made factories
with the aid of bribed police who have a can't err bury head
in the sand attitude to the problem, but this time they

An intelligent phonic harmonic sign wave followed later that
Sunday with the Canberra rugby raiders team scoring a win
against the Canterbury rugby team of bulldogs in Australia's
1994 rugby league grand final.

Another intelligent phonic fourier transform followed of
course in synchronicity with the Canberra Government Uranium
rayed err policy poll at their conference in Tasmania, where
the new policy was aimed at the Uranium mine Canberra
raiders beating the can't err bury bull dog slave driving
uranium mine bosses by applying penalties to the selfish
bosses of CRA (see R-ay). But the Canberra Goverment rug be
uranium raiders swept the new policy under the carpet with a
vote for no mining policy change so they could have a rug be
can't err bury loss.

Another phonic harmonic sign wave that week was that a spray
can bearer rug be rayed err caused 14 canter bury rug be
race horse deaths when 14 horses mysteriously died as well
as their stable trainer named Vic Rail died too, of the same
virus. He was a rug be can't err bury loss having a sheet
placed over his corpse as a consequence of the disease was
caught from horse saliva sprayed onto the feed can and he
was the can bearer rayed err who killed the can't err bury
bull dog rabies ray be's like suffering horses.

The same week on Australian TV Channel 10 News was a report
about a paint spray can bearer raid err, graffiti artist who
climbed a railway station pylon and fell on top of live high
tension voltage wires, catching his clothes on fire. A near
by resident hearing his screams, acted as a rug be raider
carrying a wet rug and rolling the graffiti artist in it so
as to to extinguish the flames from the can't err bury bull
dog badly burned youth. The youth no longer believes he's
an invincible after his rug be can't err bury fall.

All this occured in the local node of Australia's eastern
states in the same week, and all were can bearer rug be
raiders, who beat can't err bury rug be bull dogs sign wave
all news items reported on local Australian television.

Jesus and layed He Buddha may well all be in sin chron is
sit He, as sure as synchronicity of sign waves is a sign of
the Times of babble on. Such is the power of the media.

Energy per charge in phonic transforms could be equivalent
to values ( Moral impact ) per Law of Judgement ( legal
charge ) that sums up the For-He-err series.

I am Monk He who is the miss sin link,

Cheat aghhh who returned like a thief in the night.

Windows opening screen logo has 7 rows of 6 squares but
if you look at the colour logo Their are 3 dominating black rows
of 6 squares connected to the black outline of a 4 panel window
pane so 6 6 6 appears clearly to dominate the logo. The black and
white printed logo on the manuals doesn't highlight these
but the Windows 3.1 opening display screen does.

6 ......____
6 .....|_|_|
6 .....|_|_|

Just look at the intro screen after typing win <enter>
The black dominates while the other rows of 6 are in
much feinter colours.

Incidently 6*7=42 has the biblical meaning imperfection
(6) by perfection (7 God) which is unlucky just like 13
= 6 plus 7 (imperfection + perfection) is considered unlucky.

However 42 is the Answer to the Ultimate Question of the meaning
of Life, the Universe, and Everything...

But ask any bible head what harm was done by Adam and Eve eating
forbidden fruit from the knowledge tree, ignorance was truly
bliss until then. As punishment God supposedly chucked them out
of the the garden of Eden, and made them mere mortals. Now with
the knowledge of 42 little squares found in the 666 logo
you have absorbed the answer to the ultimate question of the
meaning of life the universe and everything into your
subconscious to add to your crimes which undoubtedly has earned
you the ultimate punishment of eternal damnation. Unless the
bible's fibbed a bit of course.


The world will be run by Win doh's comm patable mice received
in your right hands as predicted by Dug lass Add damns, in
the Meaning of Life the Universe and Everything.
Beware of Power Macs bearing Windows or RISC losing your soul.

Significantly the Roman numerals below sum to:

I = 1
V = 5
X = 10
L = 50
C = 100
D = 500
1+5+10+50+100+500 = 666
If you add in M

M = 1000.... You get 1666 which was significant in that it was
the year of the great fire of London to stop rodents over
running their city caused by Trash being thrown out of windows
just like in a GUI ( Graphics User Interface ).

Trash was thrown out of Windows3.1 so Microsoft could avoid
been dumped on from a great height by the GUI roar sue err rage
from a rotten sour Apple. That is very much like the gooey raw
sewerage from rotten sour apples tossed out of windows back in
1666 which burned just like Nero's Rome. And the reason their
mouse wasn't called a rat was simply that it would have given
their product a bad image. Anyway mice must truly rule the
world, otherwise their would have been Biker Rats from Mars,
not the Biker Mice. Now their some real pet-roll heads for
yuh. Fit for Witches soup err Inn form may shun high way form
you la Won Prost tar tute of Prost tar tutes Win-doze cups of
fawny case shun.

Of number system A=1,B=2,...Z=26
C= 3
E= 5
6 computers connected can make a 666 Hexagon network cell of the
666 beast.


/ \ Single 666 networked cell unit of Windows for Workgroups
\ / _
- / \
- - 666 Beast made from linked
_ / \ _ / \ _ single cell units of Windows for
/ \ / \ / \ Workgroups expanding ad infinitum.
- -
\ _ / \ _ / \ _ /
\ / \ /
- -

Check out William Gates iii in ASCII Hexadecimal codes
note the space backspace fudge won't alter the name of the beast.
decimal hex
------ -----
W 87 57
i 105 69
l 108 6c
l 108 6c
i 105 69
a 97 61
m 109 6d
32 20 space
G 71 47
a 97 61
t 116 74
e 101 65
s 115 73
32 20 space
i 105 69
i 105 69
i 105 69
32 20 space
08 08 backspace
----- -----
1638 666 hex the number of the beast.
----- -----

That's what you call puting a hex on someone's name.

Note the following number games with 6:-
Of 1638 and 666 sum the digits and you get
1+6+3+8=18 and 6+6+6=18
but 1+8 = 9
9+9 = 18, 1+8=9
6+9 = 15, 1+5=6
6*9 = 54 5+4=9
9*9 = 81 8+1=9
6*7 = 42 4+2=6
9 is simply an inverted 6 that's why nine is nein.
So 6 is the number of the deceiver. The devil's number.

Conversion of Decimal to Hexadecimal:-

1638 = 666
base10 base16

3 2 1 0 2 1 0
1*10^ + 6*10^ + 3*10^ + 8*10^ = 6*16^ + 6*16^ + 6*16^
1638 = 6*256 + 6*16 + 6
= 1536 + 96 + 6
= 1638

The William Gates iii Chick-cargo Windows predicted WIN.COM logo
Minimum Processor requirements: One Intel Re-Pentium CPU.
_ : :
|\ Y /^\ /^\ : DRINK :
/ / {}/^ / @ )^ -| @ )^ - _ .:: FROM :
/ / (> ( \/-^-^^| /--^-^-~ : MY :
\o \ (l\ \ o \ / /@ )^ - _ : CUP :
| o| _ -^\\^-_ \ / o /| /--^-^-~ : OF :
/ / / O// o ^ - / ( O |/ / /\ : FAWNY :
| o \__ _/ O o^ O o ( o \ o \ /_/@ | : CASE :
\ o o o / |__ _ \\ : SHONE :
\ o O \ O ( o - o / . ^ \S .......
- - \ o ) 666 \ ( ) /(_ / /^
| / - _ - - \ \ -_ -- -
| / \ / \ | \ \.
/ | | \ | \
/_ \ / | \ / _ \
| \ - | \

After receiving the number of the beast 666 from the Window's
logo image of, to further add insult to injury the
William Gates iii Games Group spells out your fate
graphically with a subliminal hidden phonic message embedded
in the names of games such as `Solitaire' which programs the
darkest depths of your subconscious to reveal unto you that
you've gambled with `Soul-it-tear', the total destruction of
your very soul, but unfortunately you've already lost to his
evil game. For Bill has had a big Win, he has scored your
soul, and just like Freddy Krueger he is a big collector,
From now on he is entitled to say `Your mine' as he
subliminally sweeps your ashen sin der's off to the deep pits
of Microsoft's enslavement camp, forcing you to receive his
church of fawny case shone's drag-on like image in the form
of mouse rulers on your right hand. So symbolickly you've
accepted your fate described by the game of `Mine-sweep-err'
where your subconscious constantly hears the devil Bill's cry
`Mine' as he sweeps your soul off to a micro soft fatal stack
heap error where many a poor soul has sadly stumbled. But
then if you like to pitter patter through mine fields and
go out with a bang you might as well enjoy yourself, have a
nice day.

William Gates iii has plotted to capture Christ when he
returns to earth as a Lion just like old Arfur, by filling
his church of fawny case with great temptations for big Cats
such as a micro soft drag on paw sized little mouse.
Complete with ball and string, what a perfect Xmas gift for a
sacrificial Lamb whose reborn a big cat King. So He can
forever consume mega gulps from comm pewter sear He hell
ports all the sins of mankind through multistrand strings
attached to rubber balls with mice. So that Christ might too
be tempted to receive the Windows 666 logo drag on
image beast in his right paw, to add to the Bill Gates III
final score. That's cool for cats. For although the world
is ruled by mice Christ payed the higher price for He also
bore all the sins of mice. But mice make a very good meal
for a cat so that is why `for-tea too', ( 42 ) is the meaning
of Life the Universe and Everything to each and every mouse.
But microsoft mice won't taste very nice to even a hungry
Christ so He'll spew the little blighters from the church of
fawny case shone right out of His holy fur ball mouth.

Heil King of the Scientists
..... ............................................
:4 2: : Try your Comm pewter Comm union port and :
\\:/^\:// /. I might forgive you for this earthlings :
~~/@ @\~~ :..........................................:
....\.|...\ /...| /.....
:....-:\\_/ \_//:-....:
\/ \/
( 666 ) "Jesus" might come back as Puss in boots
\ / and trick the beast to turn itself into
/\ /\ a mouse, then gobble it up for brekky.
_\\||//_ Life the Uni verse and Everything.
/||||\ From the Viva sect shun Depart meant.
: ||: (\
: \\__))

It'll take a thousand years to eat a save-awe-He cheese shape
that big. So put the take away-fur Mouse in your hand and try
your comm pewter's sake read ( red ) Mouse port. Then promise
to keep the sake read ( red ) Mouse comm manned meants in the
name of the Lawed. Abide by cop He write lie senses.

Brought to you by the Church of Fawny Case Shone.

The Bab Bill on malty task king beast is on a path of destruction:-


Bab Bill on the Great Whore of Haws
Chick car go Win doze 95
_ : :
|\ Y /^\ /^\ : DRINK :
/ / {}/^ / @ )^ -| @ )^ - _ .:: FROM :
/ / (> ( \/-^-^^| /--^-^-~ : MY :
\o \ (l\ \ o \ / /@ )^ - _ : CUP :
| o| _ -^\\^-_ \ / o /| /--^-^-~ : OF :
/ / / O// o ^ - / 2( O |/ / /\ : FAWNY :
| o \__ _/ O o^ O o ( o \ o \ /_/@ | : CASE :
\ o o o / |__ _ \\ : SHONE :
\ o O \ O ( o - o / . ^ \S .......
- - \ o ) 666 \ ( ) /(_ / /^
| / - _ - - \ \ -_ -- -
| / \ / \ | \ \.
/ | | \ | \
/_ \ / | \ / _ \
| \ - | \

From Sin-der-Elle-ahhh to Queen of Bab Bill on the Great Whore

The antichrist plays football only hitch he get's to make the rules.

The fullback kicks the ball and the antichrist takes a flying
leap and yell's "Aussie rules" yes it's a mark. He makes a stab
pass to the right wing who receives the mark of the beast in his
right hand. The wing returns the ball with a stab pass back to the
beast. Oh yes it's a brilliant mark. The antichrist yell's "soccer"
and makes a stab pass to the goalie who receives the mark of the
beast on his forehead which bounces off right back into the arms
of the beast who yell's rugby, and the entire team jump him
dragging him to the ground. Looks like our star was overcome by
"deem ons".

The new Re-lid-Jung is the Re-lid-jars packaging of the church of
fawny case shone's re-lid-Jah's arc He types of the false prophesy
fire one, fire to, fire three it's free via satellite to share with
thee: the Bill Gates fan tar seas sue purr in for May shun hire way.
Everybody's under con tracked to be a disposable work unit not a human
being. Maslows need for security is now banned, your fired. The new
re-lid-jars ethic is their are no ethics. Your a pro duck shun client
of Babylon the Whore for evermore. Every government agency is seduced
into copying the profit hungry Microsoft style of their organ eye say shun's
broth hell run Trance Glow-ball Whoreganizations fit for the Holy
fire of a King of Kings to ignite before the information poor to regain
their re-lid-Jah's rights to carry forward the arc of God into bat hell.

The bill gates win doh's
Ought owe mat tick
tell lure smile for Big Brother photo digitizer :-)
Your | \
bank >----------| \
account | \
| & )-------> Your pocket
Your | / |
PIN 666 >-------| / |
number |__________ / |
|_ Withdrawal*(Bank+Govmt. charges ratio)
into Big Brother's pocket

Welcome to your die purr PIN of Bab bill on you dummy suckers.
Mother of hah lots Babble on the Haw will suck hell you forever more.

In the whireds of the subliminal false prophet who makes playing those
old bye bell belt records backwards obsolete. Bill Gates iii is both
an extra rest tree all, (think of all the trees he's saved with those
nifty haws and buggy applications from microsoft) and he's a peer amid
no more talented than you or I a colleague, just commisioned by God to be the
MShire ( MeSsiah ). He will put the mark with the name of God on each and
everyone of us the Word 6.66 MS-hire you need a MShire mouse compatible
right hand and a forehead frontal lobe full of MS application know how
which is the MS-hires mark. Bill Gates power comes from the bottomless pit of
coal, water and oil wells. Worship the MShire or face the hell Gates of fire

Bill Gates wearing his thorny crown of broken Window's

o . . o. . o
o . . o . . o
o . . o . . o
o . . o . . o
O . . O . . O
\ )-)
- _
m_||_s \\
//\ /\\ ||

Skits-so-free-knee-aghhh In-core-poor-rated presents the
whirred of the Lawed and his whirred salad in:-
`The False Prophet's Bible'

END -- Cut Here -- cut here

SPAT upon the WIRES by:The Right Reverend Ed <R.REVV.ED>
Elder Elder of the Pegram,Tennessee SOLO CLENCH "Bob" IS Dobbs!


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