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What's that you say Bunky ? Compound buzzed by a New World Order
Helocopter and you can't tell an AH-64A Apache from a Kaman Ka-50
Hokum with counter-rotating rotors ? Hokum days are here again !

Put away that surplus store Israeli gas mask and get on the WWW to where you can view all the tools of the
NWO and soon you to will be confidently throwing around terms like
"a diamond of Hinds at treetop spooked rover and thier spoofing
pods locked the CPU on my Nikon denying viable capture ! "

Women will swoon and men will gaze admiringly at you as you calmly
explain that your "INTEL" souces have back-channeled you the info
that Kaman Sciences is not your fathers Kaman Sciences that built the
old Husky model. Now they have "think tank" links to the NRL with
thier KAMAN TEMPO study group and it's your G2 that the "UFO"s"
reported over Havana last year during the Cuban rafting exodus that
was reported as holographic images projected by the USMIL in the UK
newspapers may have been a KAMAN TEMPO excercise as a vector of thier
work with the Laurance Rockefeller funded Human Potential Institute
and former USNAV X-INTEL agent Scott Jones who's pushing the "alien
abduction" line for the NWO with the aims of undermining the worlds
Religions and founding a United Nations administered approved Faith.

Be sure to view the 2 Black AH-64A Apache's flying under minimums
set by the FAA. No Identifying numbers can be seen on these birds
featured in ARMY TIMES. Be the talk of the next Militia meeting !

Military Aircraft Helicoptors UH-1 Huey (71 Kb) CH-47 Chinook (187 Kb) MH-53 (60 Kb) MD-530 Defender (39 Kb) AH-64A Apache (76 Kb) AH-66 Comanche (25 Kb) Mangusta (20 Kb) Mi-8 Hip (29 Kb) Mi-24 Hind (29 Kb) Ka-50 Hokum (42 Kb)
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