Why Are They Here (part 1)

From: "John F. Winston" <johnfwin@mlode.com>

I have a person who I communicate with on occasions and she has
asked me to explain why the space people are hear and what do they
feel they are saving us from. Sometime simple questions are the
hardest to answer and I will therefore tackle the first question to
begin with.

Why They Are Here.

The first things a person should do in examining this question is
to determine who they are. You can divide the space people into
several groups.

1. People from other planets.

2. People from this planet who have space travelling capability.

3. People from other dimensions.

4. The Spiritual Hierarchy.

5. Nature spirits.

The type we had better be concentrating on are the people who are
coming here from off this planet. I have been told that 95% of
them are good and 5% are what we would consider to be bad. Let's
start with the worst and that would be the Reptilians. The reason
they are here is that they are a race of people who believe in
kicking tail and taking names. They are very aggressive and like to
control other people.
Their are many types of Reptilians and if you want to see what they
look like go to Europe and look at the statues on the tops of the
buildings which we call gargoyles. They are as mean as they look.
There were some very handsome creatures that lived in a place called
Rainbow City on Earth about 3 million years ago and they left a
replica of their bodies in a clear plastic container. They are slim,
sleek with reptile type features. The story about them may be
fiction but it is called "Rainbow City" and was put out by the
Borderline Research Institute. The book is out of print. Once I
was communicating with a group of space people through a young man
called David Dorycott in San Antonio, Texas. He was in contact and
had taken rides on a space ship from Legart a planet in the Listra
Constellation. These space people were here because they were
curious about our world and they wanted the article about Rainbow
City. They were written up in a book about UFOs and the story was
called The Space Man Who Waved Hello. I seemed that they were seen
by a group of Earth people and were waved at and they waved back.

So at the present time we have two answers to your questions and
they are;

1. The Reptilians come here because they like to conquer people and
control other people.

2. The people from Legart come here because they are curious about
our civilization and want to study us.

John Winston. johnfwin@mlode.com

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