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From: christuck@aol.com (ChrisTuck)

Y'know, the thing about fetal tissue research, and forbidding it, is that,
if FTR had been being performed for the past ten or fifteen years or so,
there may very well have been an effective treatment RIGHT NOW thatwould
have kept my mother out of the nursing home, where she now sits, pretty
much confused, scared and wondering when she can come home.

So this self-important, self-appointed baby "saver" can fuck himself
ragged with a big dick with Big Red Straps. If I have MY way, come that
Awful, Glorious day in 1998, not only will he and all others of his ilk be
among the first against the wall, I'LL BE PULLING THE FUCKING TRIGGER and
then doing my OWN "RESEARCH" on their tissues, mainly, how difficult it
would be to tap dance on their guts while wearing golf shoes.

Beware, Doug Peterson, MY "God" will "Bless" you... in the same way YOU
bless your food before EATING IT!

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Subject: Re: Stop Fetal Tissue Research WEB page opens.
From: spl@szechuan.ucsd.edu (Steve Lamont)

In article <modemacD5npIH.39s@netcom.com> modemac@netcom.com (Modemac) write=
>[NOTE from Modemac: Obviously fetal tissue research involves women having
>abortions just so that evil, Satanic scientists can have tissue samples
>to perform ghastly experiemtns with, right?]

... this reminded me of sentence from a collegue's PhD dissertation:

"An example is give of the use of this system to generate a
DNA histogram of over 45,000 fixed neonatal foreskin fibroblasts."

He told me that they're used because... uh... they culture well and
the material is in abundant supply.

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